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If you are a movie buff, TV junkie, and music lover, there’s a good chance you know about Plex, the only global streaming media destination that allows users to discover, discuss, rate, and watch TV shows and movies from all available platforms. You might also be one of the happy millions worldwide using Plex to organize, beautify, stream, and share your collection of movies, TV shows, and music.

Lifetime Plex Pass

You can unlock all of Plex’s best features without a recurring subscription with a lifetime Plex Pass. Enter code ITSPROTIME at checkout to get a 20% discount. You can avail this limited time offer during Plex Pro Week 2023 from September 18 to 22.

You can take your Plex experience to the next level with Plex Pass, the premium subscription service that unlocks incredible new possibilities. And what better time than now to upgrade your membership and snag the Lifetime Plex Pass at 20% off during Plex’s Pro Week 2023 sale from September 18-22. Explore how Plex Pass will transform your entertainment experiences by checking out these 10 cool features.

1. Early Access to the Latest and Best Features

Plex keeps getting more exciting with new features added periodically. With Plex Pass, you’ll get early access to these innovative features. Plus beta or preview release versions of Plex Media Server and other cool Plex apps to enjoy the best of Plex, always.

2. Watch and Record Over-The-Air Broadcasts

A Couple Watching a Live TV Series

In addition to the universe of over 600 free live TV channels on Plex, you can watch and easily record your favorite over-the-air broadcasts. All you need is a Plex Pass, and a home tuner and an antenna connected to your Plex Media Server. Then use the Plex Setup Wizard to set up Live TV and DVR. And enjoy the power to watch, pause, and record your favorite free HD broadcast channels.

Moreover, with the power to enjoy TV channels without a cable box, you’ll be saving on cable bills too!

3. Enjoy Your Favorite Movies With Hardware Transcoding

A Plex User Watching Point Break on His Phone

Your tablet or phone might not be able to handle the high-resolution 4K movies you enjoy on a TV, but don’t let that stop you.

With Plex hardware transcoding and the dedicated video decoder and encoder hardware support on your device, the Plex media server converts 4K movies into a format and resolution your device can handle. All in real time! So, play and enjoy it all smoothly.

4. Enjoy Complete Control With Plex Dash

Movies, TV, and music will be a look away with the Plex Dash companion app. This intuitive app has an easy-to-use interface and lets you control all your media from your desktop or on-the-go.

Plex Dash gives you a detailed view of your server with real-time status of playbacks, DVR recordings, sync conversions, and more. Plex Pass users can even monitor bandwidth and server resources with the help of visual graphs and reference top items or individual user history.

5. Get Immersed Sooner With Skip Intro and Skip Credits

For your personal media, Plex Pass gives a Skip Intro option for each show or movie. What could be better when you want to kick back and binge-watch your newest discovery or all-time favorite show or movie?

When you’re enjoying Plex’s ad-supported movies and TV shows, you also get the option of Skip Credits. Skip through the opening and end credits in just two clicks and save precious time.

6. Watch True Colors Come Alive With HDR Tone Mapping

This cool feature lets you enjoy all your Plex media library content in true color in HDR or SDR.

You always get high visual fidelity thanks to tone mapping that converts HDR to SDR colors. So, no movie or TV show appears washed out, even when viewing on an SDR display.

With a Plex Pass, you’ll always have new and exciting tidbits in your Plex libraries. Enjoy high-quality movie trailers, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes features, deleted scenes, and other cool content. To mimic the movie theater experience at home, you can also configure cinema trailers to play before a movie starts and even select the exact number of trailers you want to see!

8. Discover the Power of Plexamp With Plex Pass

Created by music lovers who breathe and live music, Plexamp is your music hub to explore your library, discover new music, and have fun. And it’s free!

But this musical journey becomes the greatest ever with empowering features reserved exclusively for Plex Pass members. A few of these include:

Super Sonic for Your Kind of Music

To enjoy similar songs and albums, you no longer need to find them. Super Sonic analyzes your music library and empowers you to discover what artists, albums, and songs are truly related. For example, Super Sonic will tell you that the album Mirror Ball by the legendary Neil Young is one of the most similar albums to Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy.

Hear What You Want With Guest DJs

Enjoying Ed Sheeran and want to divert to a couple of similar-sounding songs before continuing with the Shape of You singer? Or do you feel like listening to similar-sounding songs but not from the same artist or even genre? Do it all with a click with Plex’s AI-driven Guest DJs.

Enjoy More of What You Love With Mix Builders

You always have artists and albums that you like enjoying on a loop. With Plex Pass, the Plex media server can check out the most listened-to singers and their albums and build mixes for you to enjoy.

Create Unique Playlists With Sonic Sage

Whatever you are in the mood for, Sonic Sage uses the power of Chat-GPT and your music library and/or a TIDAL subscription to create unique playlists just for you. Try typing in “70s grooves by powerhouse women,” “sounds like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon,” or “songs to listen to while sitting on the dock of the bay” for a curated listening experience.

9. Take Your Music Where You Go

Playlist on Apple Carplay on Car Dash

Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy your favorite singers amplifying the thrill of every drive with their music. Yes, you can take your music on the road with CarPlay and Android Auto.

Plus, you can download a few hours of your favorite playlist or stations when you go off-grid.

10. Enjoy Cool Perks With Your Plex Pass Membership

As a Plex Pass member, you can avail loads of discounts, deals, and exclusive experiences from several Plex partners, including discounts on antennas, free robust cloud storage, hundreds of free apps, and more.

Master Plex at Pro Week 2023

Plex Proweek 2023 Logo

​​​​​​​Plex Pro Week 2023 is from September 18-22. It’s your chance to catch the pros in the business sharing tips and tricks to maximize your experience with Plex and Plex Pass. Learn from the experts each day of Pro Week through informative videos, enlightening discussions, and more.

Get the Lifetime Plex Pass for a Lifetime of Fun and Entertainment

Many more reasons make Plex Pass a must-have, like the convenience of keeping multiple editions of your favorite movies in one place. Or enjoying karaoke with timed lyrics.

You can purchase a monthly subscription to Plex Pass for $4.99 and an annual one for $39.99. But the ultimate Plex experience can be yours for life with the Lifetime Plex Pass, up for grabs at a limited time 20% off during Plex Pro Week 2023, between September 18 to 22. Just use the code ITSPROTIME.

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