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To install Discord on Ubuntu, go to the Ubuntu Software Store. Type in “Discord” to search for the app. Enter the app page. Press the “Install” button. Enter your password into the prompt to confirm. This will begin the Discord installation process.

Discord is a popular communication app that many gamers swear by. If you’re new to Ubuntu and need to install Discord, we’ll show you how.

We’re covering multiple ways to install Discord, so you can choose the most familiar method. Some users like to use the GUI while others are more comfortable on the command line. If you’re not sure which route to choose, you can always take the simplest approach, which is installing from the Software Store.

For this tutorial, we’ll be showing everything on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS version. But the methods shown will work on versions 18.04 and newer.

Install Discord From the Software Store

This method is the most suitable for beginners. On the left sidebar of your home screen, click the orange icon with “A” on it to open Ubuntu Software.

click on the ubuntu software center icon

Click the search icon in the top left corner of the Store. This will open the search bar.

click on the search icon in the ubuntu software center

Type in “Discord” into the search bar and press Enter. After the search is completed, you should see the Discord app appear in a list of other apps. Click on the Discord icon.

type discord into the search bar and press the discord icon

Now you will see the installation screen for Discord. You can read all the information you’re interested in before installation. When done, click the green “Install” button to start installing Discord.

tap the install button on the app page

You’ll be asked to enter your password. Type in your password into the prompt and press the “Authenticate” button to proceed.

type your account password to authenticate

After that, the installation process should start immediately. You can see the progress on the top right side.

discord is being installed through the ubuntu software center

To open Discord, click the grid icon at the bottom on the left sidebar. This will reveal all the installed applications on your desktop.

press the show applications button that looks like a grid icon

You can find Discord in the list.

find the discord app among all the applications

If you have too many applications and are unable to see the app, type the name into the search bar. This will make Discord appear.

type discord in the search bar to find the installed app

Click the icon to launch Discord.

discord interface when opened on Ubuntu

If you want to remove Discord from your desktop, go back to the app page on the software store. Press the red trash can icon on the right.

tap the trash icon to remove discord

You will get a confirmation window. Press the “Uninstall” button.

press the uninstall button on the right to complete the process

You’ll be required to enter your password once more. Type in your password to uninstall the app.

discord is being removed from your device

Install Discord Using the Command-Line

If you prefer the command line over the software store, then this method is for you. Open a terminal window from the “Show Applications” menu.

tap the terminal icon to launch it

Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Alt+T to open it. To install Discord, run the following command:

sudo snap install discord

Enter your password when prompted. Discord should be installed after a while. You will get a message after a successful installation.

using snap command to install discord

To open Discord from the terminal, use the below command:


use discord command to launch it via terminal

To uninstall Discord using the command line, run the below command:

sudo snap remove discord

using snap to remove discord from ubuntu

When it’s uninstalled, you should see a message that Discord was removed.

Install Discord Using the DEB Package

DEB packages are software packages meant for Debian and its derivatives (such as Ubuntu). Let’s see how you can install a DEB package of the Discord app on Ubuntu.

If you’re using a minimal installation of Ubuntu, you’ll need to have the “Gdebi Package Installer” installed on your desktop first. You can install it from the Ubuntu Software store as we’ve shown above. Or you can install it using this command:

sudo apt install gdebi

installing gdebi via apt

Now open a web browser and go to the official Discord website. Click the “Download for Linux” button.

press the download for linux button to start the download

You should see two options appear—deb and tar.gz. Click on “deb.”

choose discord deb from the dropdown menu

This will start downloading the DEB package on your desktop.

the discord deb package is being downloaded

When the download is completed, press on the name of the downloaded file to open it.

tap on the downloaded file in your browser to open it

You can also navigate to the folder where it was downloaded and open the DEB package from there. The default directory is the “home/Downloads” directory.

find the downloaded discord deb package in /home/Downloads directory

Right-click on the icon to open the context menu. Then choose the “Open With Other Application” option.

right click on the deb package icon and choose open with other applications option

You’ll see a few options to pick from. Click on “Gdebi Package Installer” and press the “Select” button.

choose gdebi from the list and press select

You should see a new window with the details of the package. Press the “Install Package” button to start installing Discord.

tap the install package button to install the deb package

When the password prompt arrives, type in your password. The installation should start.

discord deb package is being installed

After the installation is done, you should see a message indicating that. Press the “Close” button.

tap the close button when installed

Go to the application drawer and you should see Discord in the list. Press the icon to run the app.

find the discord app among all the applications

If you want to remove the app, you need to reopen it with the “Gdebi Package Installer” in the same way you did earlier. This time, you should see an option on the right side to remove the package. Click the “Remove Package” button.

tap the remove package to delete discord

Type in your password into the prompt to continue. When the app gets uninstalled, you should see a message saying that it was removed. Click the “Close” button.

tap the close button when uninstalled

You can also delete the DEB package to save space on your desktop.

Install Discord Using Flatpak

Flatpak is a universal package installer. Since Canonical decided to remove default Flatpak support in April 2023, you’ll need to enable Flatpak support on Ubuntu first.

If you’re running Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish) or later, then follow this guide to enable Flatpak.

First, install Flatpak with this command:

sudo apt install flatpak

install flatpak on ubuntu via apt

Next, install the Flatpak plugin for the GNOME software app by running this command:

sudo apt install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak

install the gnome plugin for flatpak using apt

After installing these two, you need to add the “Flathub” repository from where you can install Flatpak apps. Add the repository with this command:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

add the flathub repo using flatpak command

You’ll be asked to authenticate using your password. After that, you’re ready to install Flatpak apps. To install Discord using Flatpak, run this command:

flatpak install flathub com.discordapp.Discord

using flatpak to install discord on ubuntu

When prompted, type ‘y’ and press Enter to confirm. Once installed, run the Discord app using this command:

flatpak run com.discordapp.Discord

using flatpak to run discord

If you want to remove Discord using Flatpak, then use this command:

flatpak uninstall com.discordapp.Discord

using flatpak to remove discord from ubuntu

Ready to Discord on Ubuntu

By now you should have Discord installed on your Ubuntu system. You can start chatting with your co-workers and family or go on yet another gaming adventure with your friends. If you’re using Discord on Windows and facing issues such as Discord update failing, check our guide to fix it.

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