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It seems like you can find LEGO sets at almost every major retailer from Amazon to Walmart. However, buying your bricks and sets directly from LEGO has its advantages. Let’s take a look at the big benefits of buying LEGO directly from the LEGO Store or


1 Points Through the LEGO Insiders Program

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What do all good retailers have in common? A solid loyalty program, of course! LEGO is no different because it offers the free LEGO Insiders program (formerly LEGO VIP). Not only is there no cost to join, but it’s also easy to sign up for the program. You just need to be at least 18 years old (calling all AFOLs) and have a LEGO account.

Once you’ve joined the ranks of LEGO Insiders, you’ll receive a digital membership card that you can download to your smartphone. With your membership, you can earn points on your in-store and online purchases from LEGO.

What do these points get you, you ask? Here’s a look at what you can get when you redeem those points:

  • Discounts on future LEGO purchases
  • Exclusive rewards that are only for members
  • Special promotions and events through the program

The easiest way to sign up for the LEGO Insiders program is to create a free account. However, you can also call a LEGO Expert over the phone or visit a Brick Specialist at a LEGO Store to create an account.

2 Enter Sweepstakes

Discounts and rewards aren’t the only things you can get when you redeem your points, you can also enter LEGO sweepstakes for the chance to win free sets and other goodies like the opportunity to win 1 million points.

LEGO displays the latest sweepstakes on the Rewards page of the LEGO Insiders section of the website. You can select how many times you’d like to enter and click redeem to transform your points into sweepstakes entries.

3 Enjoy Double Points Events

The LEGO VIP Double Points logo is shown.

While we’re on the topic of the LEGO Insider program, let’s talk about double points events. As you might have guessed from the name, you can earn double the points when you shop during these special events.

That leads us to the big question: When can you earn double the points? These events traditionally happen several times throughout the year.

  • Around March, June, July, and October
  • Near Black Friday

LEGO also typically offers double the points on two different sets each month as well as on Star Wars sets in early May because “may the fourth be with you.”

4 Access New Sets Earlier

All LEGO fans know that highly anticipated LEGO sets tend to sell out quickly. Becoming a LEGO Insiders member is one of the best ways to avoid seeing that dreaded “Backorder” button next to the set you want to put in your cart.

As a member of the LEGO Insiders program, you’ll get early access to select sets. Often, members can start buying these LEGO sets up to a week before the public, which can make the difference between snagging a set and missing it.

5 Get Gifts With Purchase

A LEGO house is shown on a blue backgorund.

No article about the benefits of buying directly from LEGO would be complete without mentioning the beloved LEGO gift with purchase (GWP) promotion. LEGO routinely gives its customers freebies when they hit a certain spending threshold.

The amount you need to spend varies as does the gift you’ll receive, but LEGO always does an excellent job of highlighting both of these facts on its website. You can see the information scrolling across the top of the website or visit the LEGO Offers & Sale page for more details on the current GWP promotions.

6 Keep Track Of Your Purchases

Some AFOLs are incredibly organized when it comes to their LEGO purchases. However, others find it easy to lose track of their sets’ details. If you’re in the second group, LEGO makes it easy to keep track of your purchases. All you have to do is log into your LEGO account and check out “My Orders.”

In this section, you can see what you’ve purchased directly from LEGO over the years. It can be helpful to see details like the exact name of your sets, especially if you need to replace pieces or want to sell your LEGO. It can also show you how much you’ve spent on your brick habit, which you can view as a sobering reminder or a handy budgeting tool.

7 Receive Free Shipping on $35+ Orders

The final benefit of buying directly from LEGO is that the website has a low free shipping threshold. Typically, you just have to spend more than $35 to get your order delivered for free. And let’s face it, it’s easier to spend more than $35 on LEGO than it is to spend less than that.

With so many reasons to buy your LEGO straight from the source, it just makes sense to visit your local LEGO Store or the next time you need to get your brick fix.

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