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Whenever I need some sunshine and a warm breeze I reach for the free music app Poolsuite FM. Even though it can’t change the weather outside, its curated summer sounds instantly transport me to a warmer climate.

Finding Nostalgia Through Music

Poolsuite fm app on a mac
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This streaming music app isn’t new, but I think it still classifies as under-the-radar. Poolsuite FM started its life under the name Poolside FM as a simple way to inject carefree summer vibes into the middle of winter, but it’s grown into much more than that.

There are now half a dozen different channels available, like Tokyo Disco, Indie Summer, and Friday Nite Heat. Each of which features hand-picked songs from Soundcloud that exemplify a certain feeling.

Music plays 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there aren’t any ads or monthly subscriptions, it’s just a simple service that’s offered via iOS, macOS, and the web.

I love listening to the Hangover Club station during the day while writing because a lot of the songs are instrumental or have subdued vocals. It makes for great background music. If you listen on your computer using the website too, you’re treated to nostalgic visuals from ’80s TV ads to home video-looking beach clips. Everything about the service is meant to force you into forgetting where you are and imagine a simpler time—probably where you’d rather be.

The music is also great for putting on at the pool to provide ambiance. It’s remarkable how well the tracks can instantly take you back to the blistering hot months when school was out each year and there was seemingly nothing to do.

Need a Sunday nap? This is great music for that too.

The Mobile App Is Fun Too

While the free music is the real star of the show here, the different Poolsuite FM apps are super fun too. The website is the most advanced, with a whole loading screen and a vibe that mimics PCs from decades ago.

On the mobile side, the iPhone app isn’t a slouch. It features pixelated graphics which can be changed to a handful of stark colors. There’s even a PoolCam that snaps retro-themed pictures. Again, it’s just fun, from start to finish.

The Mac app is the simplest of the bunch but still provides easy access to music if you don’t want to take up a browser tab. Across all the apps, you can save your favorite tracks and replay them later. You can also Airplay songs to a Bluetooth speaker.

Usually, someone creates a physical product and then comes up with other kinds of content to supplement it. In this case, Poolsuite FM was the genesis for Vacation sunscreen which has bloomed into a myriad of summer-themed products. It’s a summer vibe wherever you look.

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