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Key Takeaways

  • The Yeedi Cube is a powerful and beautiful robot vacuum with mopping capabilities. It has advanced features like self-emptying and self-cleaning, making maintenance easier.
  • The Yeedi Cube has a unique design with a short docking station and a handle on top, making it easy to move around. It also has a water bin at the top for convenient filling.
  • While the Yeedi Cube offers impressive specs and features, it can be noisy on the highest level and initially bumps into obstacles. It also can require manual removal of hair from the roller.

I had the opportunity to test the Yeedi Cube robot vacuum and answer a critical question: can a robot vacuum look great and also perform well? After a month of testing, I am ready to give my verdict—and it’s a good one overall.

I recently came across Yeedi, a sub-brand of Evocac that offers a range of affordable and stylish home cleaning products, including robot vacuums and mops. Out of the company’s product range, I was particularly intrigued by its latest model, the Yeedi Cube, which stands out with its unique design.

What drew me towards the Yeedi Cube specifically is not just its unique design but also its relatively lower cost compared to other competitors in the market. As someone who is always looking for the best value for money, I was curious to find out if everything Yeedi promises about the Cube is actually true. From its powerful suction capabilities to its ability to navigate through complex spaces, I wanted to know if the Cube is the perfect robot vacuum for my home.

A Yeedi Cube promotional image

Yeedi Cube

$599.99 $699.99 Save $100

When you want a powerful robot vacuum that looks great, turn to the Yeedi Cube. The mid-priced machine features vacuum and mopping capabilities and includes a docking station for charging dust removal and dirty water collection. 

13.3 x 13.3 x 3.7 inches

Dustbin Capacity
360 mL

Battery Life
150 minutes

Yeedi Ecovacs


Lithium Ion

38 pounds (box)

Compatible Devices
iOS and Android

Surface Recommendation
hardware, carpet

2.4GHz WiFi

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri

Quiet/Medium/Maximum (both mopping and vacuuming)

Mopping Area Based on Water Tank Capacity(m²)
1,000 ML

Dust Bag Capacity(L)

Cleaning Modes
Vacuum, Vacuum/Mop

Tangle Detection

Charge Time
6.5 hours


Suction Power
4300 Pa



Base station dimensions
17.71 x 15.74 x 14.76 inches


  • Unique design, short docking station
  • Aggressively priced
  • Self-emptying
  • Self-cleaning
  • Handle on top
  • Water bin at top

  • Noisy on highest level
  • Bumps often into obstacles, at first
  • Must manually remove hair from roller

Surprising Specs: Get A Lot At This Price Point

A Yeedi Cube robot vacuum on a hardwood floor
Bryan M. Wolfe / How-To Geek

The first thing I noticed about the Yeedi Cube was its unique docking station design which acts as both a charging station and dirt collector. The dock is noticeably shorter than the ones for other robot vacuums, making it blend into the background nicely. The docking station also includes a dirty water tank that fills up after each mopping job. The built-in 2.1-liter dustbin can hold up to 60 days’ worth of dust.

The Yeedi Cube offers a suction level of 4300 Pa, which is higher than many robot vacuums— but not as high as other vacuums I have reviewed this year, including the entry-level Roborock S8. At this level, I didn’t experience a loud vacuuming experience, regardless of the three suction levels presented on the Yeedi Cube. There’s also an automatic suction boost that kicks into gear whenever excessive dirt is detected. It’s a useful feature.

When I review a robot vacuum, I am most concerned about whether the machine can suck the dirt up as promised. When that robot vacuum is also a mop, like the Yeedi Cube, I’m also interested in learning whether it has enough power to scrub away spills. For this, the Yeedi Cube uses vibrating technology that promises to move 2,500 times per minute to remove dirt and grime quickly.

Obviously, there was no way to count the number of times the mops on the Yeedi Cube moved in 60 seconds. But what I can tell you is that during my tests, dirt and grim, whether wet or dry, were removed from my hardwood floors quickly. During my tests, I placed orange juice and soda on my kitchen floor, as well as solids like pieces of dog food and pretzels. The Yeedi Cube didn’t miss any of these items and either sucked or cleaned them away after just a few passes. For my carpet-only tests, I scattered around pretzel pieces and dog hair.

Another great feature is the mop’s “Pick and Place” model, which allows you to manually lift the robot by the handle and position it at the desired spot. It’s a no-hassle feature that cleans small messes in seconds without requiring the robot to move all around your home. Another great feature is that the mop automatically lifts 8mm to cross the carpet, making it a vacuum/mop combination in one cleaning.

The robot has one main brush and two rotating side brushes, ensuring effective cleaning on carpet and hardwood floors, including ceramic.

A Yeedi Cube showing its handle
Bryan M. Wolfe / How-To Geek

The team behind the Yeedi Cube made three crucial design decisions that distinguish the machine from other robot vacuums. First, they added a comfortable handle on the robot’s top, making it easy to move it to different locations as needed. I haven’t tested any other robot vacuum with a handle, and it worked brilliantly.

I was also impressed that the machine’s water bin is housed at the top of the device. A locking toggle keeps the container secure when in use. When the machine needs water, you can move the toggle to remove the bin, remove the water tank plug, and add water.

Lastly, Yeedi deserves kudos for offering an automatic mop drying feature. It’s a tool slowly being added to similar robot vacuums, such as the Roborock S7 Max Ultra. However, those machines are much more expensive than the Yeedi Cube. The Yeedi Cube drying feature is part of a self-washing system that uses a built-in scrubber to remove dirt from its mopping pad before squeezing out dirty water. It does so using 104-degree Fahrenheit hot air that not only dries the pads but also guarantees there’s no mildew buildup.

One additional tool found on the Yeedi Cube is worth mentioning: auto-lifting. As the machine moves between water mopping on a flat surface and vacuuming a carpet, it automatically lifts the mop 8mm to make it less likely the rug gets wet. Depending on your situation, it’s a minor detail proving useful.

Mostly Carefree Maintenance: Watch for the Hair

Yeedi Cube roolers
Bryan M. Wolfe / How-To Geek

Robot vacuums with docking stations often have a self-emptying system, and the Yeedi Cube is no exception. This feature eliminates the need for manually dumping the onboard dust collector, which can cause you to inhale dust. The self-emptying system of Yeedi Cube has a unique L-shaped short tunnel design that effectively moves the dirt from the robot to the docking station’s dust collector in just 10 seconds.

Despite having an automated cleaning mechanism, the Yeedi Cube still requires occasional manual cleaning, much like any other robot vacuum. The good news is that Yeedi has made this task easy. The vacuum has a detachable base that makes cleaning a relatively painless process and a removable waste water bucket with a polished surface for easy cleanup. Additionally, the washable filter is easily accessible.

However, one inconvenience with the Yeedi Cube is its cleaning brush. While it does collect hair, it requires regular removal if you have pets that shed or teenage daughters with long hair. The driving wheels also require occasional cleaning.

The Yeedi App: A Mixed Bag

Three screenshots showing the Yeedi Cube app for iOS
Bryan M. Wolfe / How-To-Geek

To maximize the Yeedi Cube’s effectiveness, you need to install the official Yeedi app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The setup was fast and required using your home’s Wi-Fi connection. This app can begin and end jobs and change the suction speed. You can also choose between a vacuum-only or vacuum/mopping mode.

The Yeedi Cube uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and lasers to map a home for more efficient cleaning. As maps get drawn, you can see them on the app. For added customization, you can use the app to block off rooms, choose cleaning sequences, and more. You can use the app to schedule cleaning times and install firmware updates.

The Yeedi app also lets you know when accessories on the robot vacuum need to be replaced, such as the edge brushes, main brush, washable filter, mopping pad, and dust bag.

Overall, the Yeedi app worked as expected, and the maps looked gorgeous. However, I found the buttons within the app sized poorly, and the overall color scheme should be changed for easier viewing. These issues could be resolved simply through a software update; hopefully, changes will eventually come.

Onboard Controls

The robot has three physical buttons you can use to bypass the app to start jobs immediately. The clean button starts and pauses cleaning jobs, while the home button instructs the robot to return to the docking station. The spot button is designed to clean up spills and messes around the machine. Press it, and the robot will clean the area directly around it.

Battery Life: Impressive

The Yeedi Cube has a 5100mAh lithium-ion battery that the company promises 150 minutes of work. To fully recharge an exhausted battery takes 6.5 hours. During my tests, I never ran into a problem in terms of battery life. However, I don’t own a home where the main floor requires 150 minutes of cleaning. In homes that do, however, the Yeedi Cube returns to the base, recharges itself, and then completes the job. It’s similar to how other robot vacuums work.

Should You Buy a Yeedi Cube?

Yeedi Cube on hardware floor
Bryan M. Wolfe / How-To Geek

It is always exciting to see new products in the market, especially those that offer a unique value proposition. The Yeedi Cube is one such product. With robot vacuum companies (even like Ecovacs) charging a premium price of over $1,000 for an all-in-one solution, it is refreshing to see a product like the Yeedi Cube, which offers similar features and functionality at a much lower price point.

As someone who has used and tested numerous robot vacuums over the years, I can confidently say that the Yeedi Cube is one of the best. Its advanced features and technology make it stand out from the competition. The vacuum and mopping features work seamlessly together, thoroughly cleaning your floors. The Yeedi Cube’s advanced sensors and mapping technology make it easy to navigate around obstacles and clean hard-to-reach areas.

Besides, the Yeedi Cube is also incredibly easy to use. With a user-friendly (though not perfect) app, you can easily control the robot vacuum and schedule cleaning times. The app also provides real-time updates on the cleaning progress so you can stay informed on the status of your floors.

The Yeedi Cube is a fantastic product worth your attention and consideration. Whether you’re in the market for a new robot vacuum or upgrading your cleaning routine, the Yeedi Cube is worth a closer look.

A Yeedi Cube promotional image

Yeedi Cube

$599.99 $699.99 Save $100

When you want a powerful robot vacuum that looks great, turn to the Yeedi Cube. The mid-priced machine features vacuum and mopping capabilities and includes a docking station for charging dust removal and dirty water collection. 

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