Sat. May 18th, 2024

Adobe is bringing more of its Firefly generative AI features to mobile devices. The new Adobe Express app beta, which will eventually replace the standard Adobe Express app, includes AI-powered features like Generative Fill and Text to Image effects. It also supports real-time collaboration with the desktop version of Express.

The Adobe Express service is template-based. Like Canva, it’s built for quick and easy content creation—fire up a template, drag and drop some assets, and you’ve got yourself a professional-looking social media post, event flyer, or advertisement. Firefly integration takes things a step further, as the generative AI allows you to create or modify images using text prompts. You can also use natural language to create stylized fonts or generate brand-new templates.

Generative AI arrived on the desktop-based Adobe Express late last year. Now, thanks to the new Adobe Express app beta, users can access all the desktop AI features on their smartphone or tablet. The app beta also comes with some interesting new features, including real-time desktop collaboration and the ability to access files from Photoshop or Illustrator.

Adobe also offers AI functionality in the iPad version of Photoshop. Still, most of Adobe’s mobile products lack Firefly integration. It may take years for generative AI to find its way across the entire Adobe portfolio, as the technology is still quite new and relies on cloud processing.

Note that you could already access Adobe’s web-based Firefly tools from a mobile device. This beta release is notable because it’s purpose-built for mobile devices and contains collaborative features. It also helps Express stand out from other template-based design apps. Canva includes some AI tools, but it isn’t as AI-oriented as Express.

You can install the Adobe Express app beta from the Google Play Store, provided that you own a compatible Android device. If you’re an iOS user, you have to join a wait list. Generative AI features are available for free during the beta period but will require a Creative Cloud membership in the future. Projects that you’ve saved to the stable Adobe Express app will not be transferred to this app beta, though Adobe promises that files and assets will migrate when the AI-enhanced beta exits its testing period.

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