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Key Takeaways

  • The Shargeek 170 power bank’s cool transparent design allows you to see inside.
  • The power bank’s 170W output, large display, and simplified design make it a practical and fascinating gadget for charging various devices.
  • While its $180 price may be steep, the Shargeek 170 is worth the investment for those needing high-speed and high-capacity charging capabilities.

It’s easy to be drawn to the Sharge Shargeek 170 power bank because of its transparent design. It’s cool to see what’s inside! But the battery’s real draw is its fast in and out speeds and information-filled screen.

The Guts of a 170W Power Bank

Despite any current fashion trends, technology gadgets have always been at their peak when they’re covered in clear, translucent plastic. That’s one reason it’s easy to be attracted to power banks from Sharge—this new one and past models. They dabble in retro vibes with clear exteriors.

It doesn’t matter that there’s nothing too exciting to see inside. Still having a circuit board, transistors, and wrapped batteries glaring back at you is a thing of beauty.

The 170 model isn’t Sharge’s first translucent rodeo. It’s been making similar power banks and accessories for a while. I’ve enjoyed seeing how the USB ports connect to the board and other tidbits for some years.

Shargeek 170 next to other shargeek batteries
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Left to right: Storm2 Slim, Storm2, Shargeek 170

But the company’s latest bank, the Shargeek 170, goes triangular in shape and increases its screen size to make it better all around.

Although the design is cool, it’s the screen and the 170W of power that give this product its total wow factor. Being able to see how fast the battery is charging another product or seeing how fast the battery is being recharged is a superpower. Among other things, it can help diagnose whether the cord you’re using is the right one for the job, since all USB-C cables look the same, regardless of throughput.

The Shargeek 170’s “Smart Display” shows charging time or the amount of charge time remaining, depending on which direction the juice is flowing. On past Shargeek products, the company showed things like volts and internal temperature. Those aren’t present here. (Although it will alert you to abnormal temperatures or being overloaded.)

While those metrics are neat, I didn’t miss them. Interestingly enough, with the bigger display that’s nearly twice as large, compared to the Storm2 or Storm2 Slim, there would have been more room for that information to shine. I still didn’t miss those data points. In the past, I glanced at the volts occasionally, and the internal temperature was a curiosity, but otherwise, I’m happy to be able to see the few important numbers from across a room.

Everything is a little more simplified on the 170 too. Beyond the screen data, there’s no DC input or output. Only two USB-C ports for in or out and a single USB-A for output. A single button turns the device on or off and double tapping it puts it into a low current mode. That’s it.

button and connections on teh Shargeek 170
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

I’ve had good luck with Sharge products in the past and this new 170 power bank has been no exception. I charged my MacBook Air, Fujifilm X100VI, iPhone 15 Pro, and any other gadget I had lying around my desk. I used it quite a bit in a hurry without ever using it for anything serious because, again, it’s fascinating to see the charging speeds for different devices.

It can output up to 140W from a single USB-C port and reach 170W in total when using multiple ports. Its input tops out at 140W, however. On the capacity side, its 24,000mAh should be enough to recharge an iPhone 15 Pro five times or a MacBook Pro once. The only thing that gives me pause is the product’s roughly 1.5lb weight. Even though it’s airline-safe, lugging around an extra pound and a half in a carry-on could be annoying. Around the house, the weight wasn’t an issue, but its power was still handy.

Is the Shargeek 170 Power Bank Worth Spending Money On?

Shargeek 170 standing vertically
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

I had trouble finding a device around my house that could make the Sharge Shargeek 170 break a sweat. It’s some of the gaming laptops, handheld consoles, or other power-hungry products that could truly benefit from the full 140 to 170W capabilities offered here. The $180 price Sharge offers the power bank on Amazon is steep, but in line with others for its speed and capacity.

Even though I may not have utilized the full potential of the 170 right now, I liked the additional headroom this power bank provided. What I’m most glad to see, however, is that Sharge has made some improvements to its display in terms of size and information density. All power banks should display their charging speeds. This is truly a product that anyone, not only nerds, can appreciate. Plus, on top of everything, its clear, transparent exterior just looks rad.

Shargeek 170 Power Bank

Sharge Shargeek 170

$150 $180 Save $30

Unleash a total output of 170W with the cutting-edge PD3.1 charging tech. This portable charger boasts two high-speed USB-C and one USB-A port, perfect for charging up to three devices simultaneously. Both USB-C ports deliver a speedy 140W output, ensuring lightning-fast charging for two MacBook Pros at once.

Battery Capacity
24,000mAh / 86.4Wh

3 total (2x UBS-C, USB-A)

1.49lb (680g)

6.4 x 2.4 x 2.3in (164.9 x 62.8 x 59.6mm)

Maximum Discharge



  • 170W in total power across multiple ports
  • Large, readable display
  • Cool see-through design

  • Heavy for travel
  • Triangle shape may not be ideal for some people

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