Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Prepare to spend more on Apple’s services. Apple quietly increased the price of Apple One, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and Apple News+ subscriptions. New pricing is already reflected on Apple’s website and is enforced for new subscribers. Current subscribers will experience these new rates after November 24th.

Here’s the new pricing scheme for U.S. customers:

  • Apple TV+: $9.99 a month (Previously $6.99)
  • Apple Arcade: $6.99 a month (Previously $4.99)
  • Apple News+: $12.99 a month (Previously $9.99)
  • Apple One Individual: $19.95 a month (Previously $16.95)
  • Apple One Family: $25.95 a month (Previously $22.95)
  • Apple One Premier: $37.95 a month (Previously $32.95)

This is the second Apple TV+ price hike since its 2019 launch. The streaming service was originally priced at $4.99 but leaped to $6.99 last year. Customers didn’t complain too much—$6.99 was still quite generous—but today’s price hike drags Apple TV+ to $9.99 a month. And for those who like to save money with an annual subscription, Apple TV+ now costs $99 a year instead of $69 a year. It’s better than the latest Netflix price increase, at least.

But today marks the first-ever price increase for Apple Arcade and Apple News+. Both of these services launched in 2019 (Apple was busy that year), so a price hike isn’t too surprising. That said, Apple News+ already seemed a bit overpriced at $9.99, and the new $12.99 pricing isn’t any better. Maybe News+ pricing is meant to guide customers toward an Apple One subscription.

Anyway, this new pricing scheme also affects the Apple One bundle. Individuals must now pay $19.95 a month for Apple One, while families will pay $25.95. Technically speaking, Apple One is still cheaper than the sum of its parts (Music, TV+, Arcade, News+, iCloud+, Fitness+), but this is a pretty frustrating change of pace, especially for subscribers who don’t care about Arcade or News+.

To reiterate, Apple is already enforcing this pricing scheme for new subscribers. Current subscribers will experience the new pricing after November 24th. Other Apple services, such as Apple Music, are not affected by today’s price increase.

Source: Apple via 9to5Mac & MacRumors

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