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Key Takeaways

  • The Dual Solo Knit Band Approach provided me with better support and comfort for the Vision Pro headset.
  • Using two Solo Knit Bands can relieve pressure on the forehead and cheekbones, allowing for longer use.
  • Consider other mods like a generic CPAP top strap or different cushions for increased comfort.

It was a little disappointing to find out that Apple’s Vision Pro didn’t quite fit me as well as I would have liked. I found the headset uncomfortable enough that I decided to mod it by adding a second band using plastic pieces to improve the fit and feel. Here’s how.

Try the Dual Solo Knit Band Approach

Out of the box, Apple offers two head straps, a Solo Knit Band, and a Dual Loop Band. These options should work for a lot of people, but since everyone’s face and head are different, they won’t work for everyone. They haven’t completely worked for me.

I like the Solo Knit Band’s soft fabric and easy-to-turn dial, but the headset puts a lot of pressure on my forehead while using it. I can only wear it for about 30 minutes at a time. The Dual Loop Band adds a top strap and I can use that option for much longer, though my cheekbones feel it more when I’m done.

One modification option is to buy a second Solo Knit Band and use two of them at the same time. This allows for good support for the back, without needing to make it super tight to carry all the weight.

person wear the Apple Vision Pro with two head bands
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Several people have 3D-printed clips for a second Solo Knit Band to attach to, though in a pinch you could use zip ties to secure a second band from Apple. I tried the SoloTop clips to attach the second band because it had a lot of comments about its printing quality being good. After trying it, I agree. Even though it’s a homemade print, it felt much more polished than others.

A modded Apple Vision Pro showing the dual bands
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Using two Solo Knit Bands helped relieve pressure on my forehead and cheekbones so I no longer have as much problem wearing the headset for extended periods. (Though the battery may still limit use to around 2.5 hours.)

Other Vision Pro Mods

I was mentally prepared to try a dozen other mods to get the headset as comfortable as possible, but I didn’t need to. If you’re curious or searching for another option, Reddit is littered with ideas. I haven’t tried these and don’t know whether they’ll work, but they are at least interesting enough to consider.

One of the cheapest options is to try using a generic CPAP top strap with a Solo Knit Band to help distribute the weight across your head more. It’s not the most elegant solution as it has the possibility of blocking the speakers, but it’s a cheaper way to get an idea if altering the default strap will increase your comfort level. Likely because of its low cost, it has been a popular option.

There are other attempts to make the Vision Pro headbands more like the Meta Quest, like a Comfort Module from VRPANDA. There’s also the Comfytop one that makes the top strap vertical on your head instead of horizontal. Even though the images are intriguing, its implementation seems a little dubious—be wary.

People have tried doing new cushions for their light seals. People have tried doubling up on the cushions and removing the light seal. At least one person has cut their cushion to keep it from resting on their cheeks. There are plenty of combinations of things to try.

How to Get Even More Comfortable in the Vision Pro

Close up side view of the lightshield on Apple Vision Pro
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

If you are feeling discomfort be sure to check with Apple about the fit of your light seal.

The first thing I tried to increase the Vision Pro’s comfort was to visit an Apple Store and get my light seal adjusted. I tried the headset on in the store when I picked it up, but that fitting only lasted five to 10 minutes. Plus, the headset was new and I was busy marveling at what was inside the goggles.

I brought my current light seal and tried on different ones in the store. I ended up switching it to a different size. That didn’t fix my problem completely which is why I went searching for other options.

Another thing to try is using the different cushions with the different bands. Inside the Vision Pro box, there are two cushions, one labeled W and the other W+. I found using the thicker and thinner ones with different straps also made the headset feel different. Try mixing and matching them.

I don’t doubt that more third-party ones will begin to appear soon. I also hope Apple adds a few other first-party options. It would be silly for them not to profit off the fit of their own headset. Until then, however, you can always take matters into your own hands.

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