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Reliable internet service is essential for all families. Still, millions lack internet access due to income or location. The U.S. Affordable Connectivity Program eased this problem by providing substantial internet discounts to low-income families, but internet discounts are now expected to end. Thankfully, AT&T will continue providing discounted internet service to former ACP customers.

The U.S. Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) may end on May 1st due to a lack of federal funding. AT&T, however, will continue to offer its ACP internet service for users currently taking advantage of the program. The service, called Access from AT&T, gives qualifying households access to 100 Mbps internet for $30 a month, plus Wi-Fi access included at no extra charge. If you’re currently taking advantage of AT&T Access, you shouldn’t see any changes to your bill, at least for the time being.

“AT&T will continue to offer our Access from AT&T service. Access makes the internet more affordable for customers by providing qualifying households with high-speed internet for $30 per month. This service includes Wi-Fi at no additional charge and does not include deposit fees. The company will expand connectivity offers to include AT&T Prepaid, Cricket and other connectivity solutions as they become available.”

AT&T says that it will continue to advocate for Congress to fund the ACP, which suggests that the $30 internet plan might not be sustainable without government subsidies. It sucks, but it wouldn’t be a surprise either. The federal discounts have been a bastion for lower-income households that need reliable internet access. Without the ACP, some families will be forced to pay prohibitively expensive prices or cancel their internet service altogether.

It’s not clear how long AT&T will offer the Access service, or if new users will be able to enroll after federal discounts end. We’ve reached out for clarification and will update this article if we receive a response.

Without an injection of federal funding, the Affordable Connectivity Program will end on May 1st. Some ACP-eligible families may also be eligible for the Lifeline program, which provides a $9.25 discount on home internet. Note that 5G home internet, which is now offered by most carriers, is often cheaper than broadband.

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