Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

If you love the LEGO Piranha plant or want a set to pair with LEGO’s Insect Collection, it’s time to check out the new LEGO Ideas Tiny Plants. Soon, it’ll be too cold outside for your garden, but this set will let you bring the flower bloom indoors. It’s one of my favorite sets as of late, available to pre-order for only $49.99, but it doesn’t launch until December 1st.

The new LEGO Tiny Plants consist of nine beautiful plants of various shapes, sizes, and species, ensuring a little something for everyone. You won’t have to repot these arid, tropical, or carnivorous plants, as they come with cute little LEGO-style terracotta-colored pots.

In the collection, you’ll find maintenance-free plants like Cacti, Succulents, Jade Plants, a False Shamrock, Venus Flytrap, and even the Pitcher Plant that captures bugs in the wild, to name a few. LEGO’s Tiny Plants is a reasonably simple assembly, too, consisting of only 758 bricks. Each plant has its own pot, and there are two fun pot designs to mix things up.

For those that may not know, all LEGO Ideas sets start as a design created by a fan. This set is similar to the Venus Trap we’re seeing on the community page, but it comes with eight other fun plants to display around your home or office. And because there are various sizes to choose from, it’s a perfect gift for the holidays or as a project to put together with kids or loved ones.

If you love the LEGO Botanicals collection, this is right up your alley. LEGO Insiders will earn 325 points on the purchase, while everyone else can buy it and enjoy a house full of plants without getting their hands dirty. Again, the LEGO Ideas Tiny Plants set is up for pre-order today for only $49.99 and begins shipping on December 1st.

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