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Tired of plugging in your phone before every drive? AAWireless now provides a quick compatibility checker that tells you whether your vehicle will work with a wireless Android Auto adapter.

Android Auto allows you to receive calls and run Android applications on your vehicle’s infotainment screen. Most vehicles sold after 2017 support Android Auto, though they rarely offer wireless Android Auto connectivity, hence the popularity of wireless adapters. Such adapters plug into your head unit and provide the 5GHz connection required for wireless Android Auto.

In a more predictable world, vehicles that support Android Auto would naturally work with wireless Android Auto adapters. But things are more complicated than they ought to be. Buying a wireless Android Auto adapter can feel like an act of pure guesswork. That’s why, AAWireless, a brand that sells Android Auto adapters, is offering this compatibility tool.

Using the AAWireless compatibility checker to see if the 2020 Kia Cadenza will support wireless Android Auto with an adapter.
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You’ll find the compatibility tool on AAWireless’ website. It’s a pretty simple thing—enter your vehicle’s make, model, and year, provide your email address, and hit “submit.” The AAWireless website will tell you if your vehicle is compatible with AAWireless adapters. It’ll also send the results to your email address.

AAWireless claims that it won’t slide any marketing emails into your inbox. In any case, if you don’t want to share your actual email address, you can generate a proxy address through services like iCloud, Firefox Relay, and Proton Mail. For reference, all smartphones running Android 11 or later support wireless Android Auto. The Android 11 update launched in 2020, so unless you’re using an old or outdated phone, you should be good. Some Google and Samsung phones running Android 10 also offer wireless Android Auto connectivity)

Note that AAWireless’ compatibility checker is meant for AAWireless adapters. The company can’t guarantee that other wireless Android Auto adapters will work in your vehicle, although they should work just fine.

To coincide with the launch of its new compatibility tool, AAWireless is also offering 15% off its wireless Android Auto adapter. This brings the adapter’s price down to just $60. The last time this adapter hit such a low price was during the Holiday 2024 season.

Source: AAWireless via 9to5Google

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