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What Is Unitree?

Unitree is a pioneer in the field of intelligent, bionic, quadruped robots. Its original side-follow robot, the Unitree Go1, revolutionized the consumer space for quadruped robots, and in the years since its release has been hard at work on taking its design to the next level.

Unitree places a great amount of time and dedication to its independent research in the fields of all key core robotic components. These developments in motors, controllers, cameras, and more are responsible for some of the most impressive parts of what the Unitree Go2 can do.

The Unitree Go2 Takes Robotics to the Next Level

The Unitree Go2 Interacting with a Man

The Unitree Go2 has a huge range of features and improvements that help to take it to the absolute cutting edge of what quadruped robots are capable of.

A Robot That Can Go Anywhere

The Unitree Go2 Front Below Shot

The Unitree Go2 features the company’s self-developed 4D ultra-wide LIDAR camera system. This gives the Unitree Go2 a 360-degree view of its surroundings with .05m detection distance, creating minimal blind spots.

On top of this, the Unitree Go2 has been given a new advanced operation and control system that revolutionizes the way that it moves. This system ensures that the Unitree Go2 has better balance when it moves, which couples with the ultra-powerful LIDAR camera to ensure that the Unitree Go2 can go anywhere you can.

AI Embodied

It’s one thing to have a bionic robot, but it takes more than that to be truly intelligent. The Unitree Go2 embodies intelligence with its AI. This comes in the form of GPT integration for use as a language model, as well as the ability to dynamically generate new code snippets in order to behave as naturally as possible.

This pairs with the Unitree Go2’s voice commands system to allow it to more naturally understand what you’re saying. You can use this system to give the Unitree Go2 commands with more accuracy than ever before.

The Power to Keep On Going

The Unitree Go2 Balancing on its Front Arms Outdoors

The Unitree Go2 has had upgrades across the board, so it should be no surprise to hear that this includes its battery capacity. The Unitree Go2 comes with a huge 8,000 mAh battery and automatically charges itself when it begins to run low.

If you’re worried about needing more than that, there’s also an optional 15,000 mAh battery option for ultra-long operation. The Unitree Go2 also comes with a ton of connectivity features such as 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, so it can go anywhere you can for as long as you can without any problems.

Constantly Upgrading and Improving

The Unitree Go2 isn’t a stagnant object, but rather an ever-growing companion. OTA updates make sure that the robot will always be getting the best upgrades and optimizations to its programming. This ensures that the Unitree Go2 will always be giving you the best possible service.

A Whole New Way of Seeing the World

Unitree Go2 s Radar Altitude Map Display

The Unitree Go2 comes with a 30% improvement in its motor performance, with a peak joint torque of 45 N.m. This gives the Unitree Go2 better flexibility and movement than ever before. This is most noticeable when watching it move via its radar altitude map display, which helps to give an idea of how the Unitree Go2 sees the world.

You can use this mode to help scout out an area before you go there, which pairs excellently with its 4G capabilities to go just about anywhere, with or without you.

Find the Right Fit for Your Needs

The Unitree Go2 Using The Robotic Arm Attachment to Carry a Discarded Water Bottle

There is a range of different high-performance accessories that expand the abilities of Unitree Go2.

For example, if you want to improve the Unitree Go2’s ability to interact with objects, then you can equip it with a robotic arm which will allow it to grab and carry items with ease.

A Robot for Any Situation

With the addition of high computer power modules and its impressive navigation abilities, the Unitree Go2 is capable of doing so much.

For example, the Unitree Go2 can be used to guard your home, independently plan out routes, or act as your photographer. It can be used as an intelligent assistant, in streamlining service delivery, and even as home entertainment thanks to its in-built speaker systems.

Discover a New Way to Interact With Technology

As you can see, the Unitree Go2 is a powerful example of everything that robotics can do to make life simpler. For any situation, from a robotic assistant to a faithful companion, there’s a reason the Unitree Go2 is leading the pack in quadruped robots.

So, whether you’re a fan of the Unitree Go1 who is looking to upgrade, or somebody who has never even considered a bionic companion, the Unitree Go2 is a sensational option for you. There’s never been a better time to buy one.

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