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Cooler Master just launched the MK770, a highly customizable mechanical keyboard with a unique sense of style. The MK770 should appeal to both casual users and enthusiasts, as it focuses on comfort without sacrificing high-end features, such as hot-swappable switches and per-key lighting.

On paper, the MK770 seems to be an exceptional value. It costs just $120 but offers a gasket-mounted design that should provide a “clean” sound. Hallmarks like hot-swappable switches, per-key RGB lighting, and PBT double-shot keycaps are also included. However, the preinstalled Kailh Box V2 switches (White, Red, or) Brown should be perfect for most customers, and Cooler Master’s colorful keycaps already look perfect in the MK770’s chassis.

Cooler Master also boasts a “hybrid” design that delivers “minimal lag and low power consumption.” That’s a roundabout way of saying that the MK770 includes a 2.4GHz wireless dongle. Connecting with the dongle gives you a 1000Hz polling rate and an extended battery life, though you’re free to use Bluetooth if you want a 125Hz polling rate and increased power consumption. A wired connection can also be facilitated using the included USB-C cable, which is both coiled and braided.

The Cooler Master MK770 keyboard in Space Gray and Macaron colorways.
Cooler Master

While this isn’t a “portable” keyboard, it uses a semi-compact 96% layout that should free up some space on your desk. The 96% key layout omits some unessential keys and features a condensed numpad area. In this case, the omitted keys are Prt Sc, Pause, Scroll Lock, Home, and End.

The lack of a Prt Sc key is somewhat frustrating for Windows users. Thankfully, you can use the Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut to take screenshots with the Snipping Tool, or simply remap Prt Sc to a key that you don’t need.

You can build macros or remap the MK770’s keys in a third-party tool like SharpKeys or PowerToys. But you’ll probably want to use the MasterPlus software, as it allows you to store up to three custom profiles in the MK770 keyboard’s memory. These profiles can be recalled using a simple keyboard shortcut and may be useful when jumping between devices or transitioning from work to play.

The MK770 comes in two colorways—the bold blue “Macaron” and the more subdued “Space Gray.” You can purchase the keyboard for $120 at Amazon or the Cooler Master web store.

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