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Key Takeaways

  • GE’s Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels offer a unique and visually appealing way to personalize your space with vibrant and durable lights. The customizable color options are endless.
  • The installation process, while requiring patience, is manageable with helpful tools and templates included in the kit. However, mishaps can result in broken components and damage to the wall.
  • The Cync app provides complete control over the lights, allowing for easy customization and the creation of personalized layouts. The app also offers preset shows and the ability to sync the lights with music for a dynamic lighting experience.

It seems more than ever that personalizing your space involves dynamic lighting displays. From light strips to color-changing bulbs, there’s no shortage of ways to brighten up a room. However, those options lack the visual uniqueness of sets like GE’s Cync Dynamics Effects Smart Hexagon Panels.

With a market full of lighting options, there’s something to be said about one that stands out among the crowd. The Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Panels isn’t the only hexagon kit around, but GE’s option benefits from strong, durable lights and an app that really lets you dive into the customization without much of a learning curve at all.

So long as you’re patient, the installation process is easier than it may look. You will want to go slow, especially since there are a number of ways to configure the hexagon panels. Unfortunately, as I found out while laying out the panels, one mishap can be a headache that leads to a broken component and a small missing swatch of drywall.

Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels Box with colorful display

Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels

GE’s Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon light kit features 10 durable and bright light panels capable of achieving a seemingly endless number of color combinations. Enjoy preset shows or bring your personalized layout to life through the Cync app’s ample customization.


Hub Required

Music Reactive

Multicolor Capable

Number of Panels

Up to 7000K

App Connectivity
Cync app

Control Methods
Remote, Cync app


  • No hub required
  • Cync App easy to use
  • Kit comes with helpful installation tools
  • Each panel is individually vibrant and bright

  • Link cable is a little fragile
  • Expanding after installation can be difficult

Installation: Easy If You Pace Yourself

Before you even unpack the panels from their case, look at the wall you’re planning on using. Visualize how all ten panels will fit, think about it for a spell to ensure it’s what you want, and then start unpacking. The Cync lighting kit ships with paper templates that you’ll then want to stick to the wall, following the same pattern you visualized. It’s important to be meticulous with this process because, as I found out, it’s very easy to break something.

All components of the Cync Hexagon Panel Light Kit, including adhesive, template, and link cables
Joe Robinson / How-To Geek

Each panel is connected with a linking cable, which snaps into place in one of five outputs. The output it’s installed in depends on the direction of your design, and I made the mistake of misjudging where the next panel was going. Once the cable is snapped into place and the panel adhered to the wall using double-sided tape, it can be a struggle to undo errors. What ensued after was a tug-of-war that left a cable snapped and my drywall with a bare spot. Even with what’s meant to be a quick-release tab on the back of each panel, removal can be a struggle. The kit does come with screws if tape won’t stick to your wall, but I didn’t perceive that option to be much easier.

To GE’s credit, you’re given everything possible to minimize error. But if you’re not paying attention for one second, you can be left with nine panels instead of ten on the wall. Thankfully, missing that one panel doesn’t ruin the aesthetic, and the Cync panels are vibrant enough to compensate for my error.

Create Colorful Wall Art

Cync Hexagon Light Kit showing blue and pink
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

I don’t have the best imagination when it comes to wall art, but if you have an eye for it, the ten panels are enough to lay out fun displays. From flowers to hearts, you can elevate the lighting display from a simple line of RGB colors to something more personalized and recognizable. The Cync app even has templates to follow that help you visualize an eye-catching design.

Brightening Up Your Personal Space

No matter the vibe you’re going for, the Cync hexagon display can probably create it. It can even do so in such a way that you won’t need another light source. You can change the decorative lighting from a dim cool white to a more aggressive hot pink, which showcases the great range of available schemes.

I opted for a snaking design that follows the contours of my window, hoping to bring some light to an otherwise dim section of my office. With the panels on, the room no longer needs any other light source.

Cync Hexagon Light Kit Individual lights divided into six segments
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

There are millions of colors to choose from so you can run a gamut of different shades and brightnesses to find the hue that fits your personality best. Of course, many of the color differences are so subtle it’s practically unnoticeable, but having such an array at your fingertips amplifies just how dynamic the light kit can be.

The Cync kit comes with a remote built into the cable that runs from the wall outlet to the first panel. You can cycle through color options using it, but the app is a far more convenient means of customizing your hexagon display.

To enjoy the full range of options available with the Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels, you’ll want to download the Cync app (available on Apple and Android devices). Through the app, you have complete control over the lights, whether you want a series of a single color or want to give every panel a unique personality. I was impressed to see that panels can be broken down even further into six segments. While a little muddied in the panel, the individual colors are visible as a subtle glow against the wall.

Like most modern lighting kits, the Cync hexagon panels can be synced to music or run one of several preset light shows. They’re a breeze to activate and are quite vivid once running. The larger surface area compared to rope lighting allows effects like candlelight to look more authentic and achieve a comforting fiery glow throughout your space.

Integration is Key to Fully Dynamic Lighting

When it comes to ambient lighting, if you prefer uniformity, it’s always best to stay in-brand. GE offers a full range of kits, from bulbs to strands, that will sync with the hexagon panels. While I didn’t have a second set of Cync lights to test, I can imagine being able to make good-looking larger panels is indicative of a brand that overall exceeds in quality. The Cync app does simplify life if you have multiple kits. You can link specific kits by room to make creating a full dynamic display much easier or manage kits individually.

Along with other kits, the Cync hexagon panels can connect with Google Home and Amazon Alexa to integrate into your smart home with other smart lighting. Through individual commands, you can toggle the panels on and off and change colors, though the Cync app offers a bit more in the way of customization that you’ll likely want to continue using it.

Should You Buy the Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels?

When it comes to dynamic ambient lighting, the Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panel kit is quite brilliant. Save some self-imposed hiccups during installation, using and enjoying them was as simple as it gets. Somehow even more so than some of the monitor lighting strips I’ve used.

While I went for the most basic layout, I appreciated the range of customization and how friendly GE is to creative minds. Springing for the expansion kit, which includes an additional five panels, gives even more layout options for a truly personalized display. On one power supply, you can install up to 20 panels.

With the Cync app, there’s a seemingly endless number of color combinations. I had a lot of fun toying with mixtures, especially after learning how to change the six individualized portions of each panel. The achievable hombre effect across panels is clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Cync’s kit was my first foray into hexagon lighting panels, and it was largely a positive experience. I do plan on expanding on my layout to bring it closer to the ceiling, though I wish the link cables were just a tad bit longer so I could transition the design to the adjoining wall.

Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels Box with colorful display

Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels

GE’s Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon light kit features 10 durable and bright light panels capable of achieving a seemingly endless number of color combinations. Enjoy preset shows or bring your personalized layout to life through the Cync app’s ample customization.

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