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OpenAI released the next major version of its DALL-E image generator last month. The DALL-E 3 update has improved prompt recognition, more safety filters, and overall better visual quality for created images. Now, the same upgrades are heating to Bing Chat and the Bing Image Creator.

Microsoft said in a blog post, “Since launching Bing Image Creator, over 1 billion images have been generated, helping inspire people’s creativity. We’ve seen Bing Image Creator make illustrated stories, thumbnails for social media content, PC backgrounds, design inspirations, and so much more. And today, we’re excited for you to take your creativity even further.”

DALL-E isn’t even available on OpenAI’s own apps and services yet—the company says it’s coming to ChatGPT Plus subscribers sometime in October—so this is the first time we’re seeing the new image generation in action. DALL-E 3 is supposed to understand prompts more easily, but you should add as much detail as possible in the initial prompt for the best results. Photorealism should also work better, though you can still specify “pixel art,” “digital art,” or other styles to get different results.

Bing’s AI art images are rendered at 1024×1024 resolution, which sadly isn’t quite high enough for a great wallpaper or wall print. Still, that’s enough for sharing online, or using the images as icons and profile pictures. You can also try expanding the images with AI-powered inpainting tools, like Midjourney.

Prompt in Bing Image Creator:
Corbin Davenport / Bing Image Creator

The images created through Bing still have a Bing watermark in the lower corner, and there is an additional invisible watermark so automated systems can quickly identify that it’s an AI-generated image. That is meant to address the rise of deepfakes and other malicious uses for AI images, though it probably also helps OpenAI and other companies to exclude AI art from training models. Microsoft is also blocking prompts that contain hate speech, illegal activities, or other characteristics that could be bad. Don’t ask Bing to create artwork of someone pirating a movie or jaywalking.

You can try out the new art generation system at, or by asking “create an image” in Bing Chat. The same DALL-E 3 upgrades should be available through ChatGPT (for Plus subscribers) and OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 website, starting sometime in October.

Source: Bing Blog

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