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  • Discord does not tell users when they are kicked out of a server, so they will not receive any notifications or alerts.
  • However, when a user is kicked from a server, they will realize they have been removed when they cannot find the server on their list anymore.

Are you looking to kick someone out of your server and want to know if Discord will notify them of your action? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore what Discord alerts users about, what exactly happens when you kick a user, and how to do that in Discord.

If You Kick Someone From a Discord Server, Will They Know?

If you’re considering removing someone from your Discord server, you may be wondering if Discord will let them know that you’ve removed them from the server. The answer to that question is no. Discord doesn’t notify the user that someone has kicked them out of a server.

When you kick a user, that user doesn’t get a notification or another alert from Discord telling them that they’ve been removed from a server. Discord doesn’t disclose the information as to who has kicked a user, either.

However, the user will likely learn that they’ve been removed from a server on their own. This is because they won’t find the server from which they’ve been removed after they’re kicked out. That server will just disappear from their list, indicating to them (when they look for it) that they’re no longer part of that specific server.

When you’re looking to kick someone, know that this is a temporary action. If yours is a public server, the kicked user can find and rejoin the server. Also, if someone on your server re-invites the kicked user, that user can again join your server. If you want to prevent someone from rejoining your server, the best way to do that is to block that user on your Discord server instead.

How to Kick Someone on a Discord Server

Now that you’ve learned what happens when you boot someone from a Discord server, let’s take a look at how you can actually remove someone from a server. You can do this using Discord’s web, desktop, and mobile app, as described below.

On Desktop

If you’re using Discord’s website or the Discord desktop app, you’ll follow the following steps to kick someone out of your server.

To start the process, launch Discord, access your server, and find a channel in which the user you want to kick is located. Right-click the user’s name, and in the open menu, choose “Kick [Username].”


You’ll see a “Kick [Username] From Server” window. Here, optionally, type the reason you’re kicking the user from your server in the “Reason for Kick” box. Discord won’t send this reason to the user; this reason is only visible to other server moderators.

Then, click “Kick.”


Discord has kicked the selected user out of your server. You’re all set.

On iPhone and Android

If you’re an iPhone or Android phone user, use Discord’s mobile app to remove users from your servers.

To do that, launch the Discord app on your phone, access your server, and open the channel where the user you want to remove is located.

Tap the user’s name to access their profile page.

Select the user.

On the user’s profile page, scroll a bit down and select “Kick.”


On the following screen, optionally, tap the text box and enter the reason you’re removing the user from your server. This reason is only visible to other server moderators, not to the user you’re kicking.

Then, tap “Kick” to remove the user from your server.


That’s all. Discord has removed the selected user from your server.

And that’s what happens when you kick a user out of your server on Discord. We hope you enjoy using this platform without any annoyance.

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