Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Need some last-minute school supplies? DoorDash now offers same-day delivery for nearly 1,000 Staples locations in the United States. The company is also offering a limited-time $20 discount on Staples deliveries of $40 or more—this discount requires coupon code STAPLES20 and expires on August 13th. DoorDash will also give you 20% off a Staples order of $20 with coupon code STAPLES23. And DashPass members get free delivery from Staples!

This partnership is part of DoorDash’s aggressive expansion into retail delivery. The company began delivering orders from Victoria’s Secret, Lush Cosmetics, and several other retail locations earlier this year. It also launched a “Back to School Deals Hub,” which lists several discount offers for Walgreens, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Wawa, and more.

For your convenience, here are all the DoorDash back-to-school deals that expire on August 13th. You can find additional deals within the DoorDash app or on the DoorDash blog.

  • Save $20 on a Staples delivery of $40+ with code STAPLES20
  • Save 20% on a Staples delivery of $20+ with code STAPLES23
  • Save 30% on a Walgreens delivery of $35+ with code BACKTOSCHOOL30
  • Save 20% on a DICK’S delivery of $20+ with code SCHOOL23

These discounts require a coupon code during checkout. If you make your order without the coupon code, or if you place your order after a coupon has expired, you’ll pay full price for your order.

Note that DoorDash also offers delivery from Office Depot, Dollar General, Target, Big Lots, and other common back-to-school retailers. Plus, DoorDash’s rivals have some unique back-to-school deals—Instacart is providing free delivery for popular retail locations, while Grubhub is giving premium memberships to college kids. (I strongly suggest checking out that Grubhub offer if your kids are going off to college this year.)

Again, DoorDash will give you a $20 discount on a Staples order of $40 or more, but only if you use coupon code STAPLES20 before August 13th. Or, use coupon code STAPLES23 to save 20% on an order of $20 or more. Now’s a great time to do some last-minute back-to-school shopping, and with the help of DoorDash, you don’t need to leave the house or deal with crowded aisles.

Source: DoorDash via TechCrunch

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