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Your ExpressVPN subscription now includes a password manager at no extra charge. You don’t even need to download anything—ExpressVPN Keys is built into the standard ExpressVPN app on desktop, iOS, and Android. That said, a separate ExpressVPN Keys “primary password” is required for password management functionality.

ExpressVPN Keys offers all the features you’d expect from a password manager. It stores and syncs passwords across all of your devices, and it automatically fills out your information when logging into websites or apps. It can also store credit card numbers, addresses, important notes, and other commonly used items. You don’t need to type in your “primary password” every time you want to use ExpressVPN Keys, as it supports biometric verification.

Of course, ExpressVPN Keys encourages you to use unique and secure passwords. It will suggest a unique password when you sign up for a website, and if your passwords are reused or detected in a data breach, you’ll receive a warning through the Password Health interface. This is the main selling point of a VPN—you can create good passwords without memorizing them.

The password data associated with your ExpressVPN account is protected with AES-256 encryption. The decryption keys are stored on your devices, so if ExpressVPN is hit by a data breach, only your encrypted passwords will leak (that’s the idea, at least). For detailed information on ExpressVPN Keys’ security practices, check the company’s white paper.

Note that ExpressVPN is owned by Kape Technologies, a controversial name in the cybersecurity world. Those who are deeply concerned for their privacy or security should always do a bit of window shopping when choosing a VPN or password manager. That said, ExpressVPN is affordable, snappy, and now has a built-in password manager—it’s a very cost-effective option, it follows a no-logs policy, and it’s regularly audited by third parties.

ExpressVPN costs $12.95 a month, though new subscribers can save 50% on their first 15 months of service. To access ExpressVPN Keys, tap the key icon at the bottom of the ExpressVPN app or browser extension. If you’re currently subscribed to a password management service, you can transfer your passwords to ExpressVPN during setup.

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