Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Mozilla Firefox receives major updates every few weeks, bringing a steady stream of new features and improvements. Firefox 127 is now rolling out with a revamped screenshot tool and some great security fixes.

The most helpful change in this release might be the overhauled screenshot tool. It already allowed you to take full-page screenshots or select page elements, but for the past few months, Mozilla has worked on a revamped version with deeper browser integration. There are new keyboard shortcuts for accessing it, high contrast mode (HCM) support, and improved performance.

Taking a screenshot in Firefox.

Firefox 127 also now attempts to “upgrade” audio, video, and image resources from HTTP to HTTPS. The goal is to reduce the amount of “mixed content,” where the site and main content is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection, but some images and other resources are loaded over insecure HTTP. The forced upgrade won’t work on all sites, and Firefox will simply block the embedded content if it can’t be loaded securely on an HTTPS site.

Mozilla said in a blog post, “With Firefox 127, all mixed content will either be blocked or upgraded, making sure that documents transferred with HTTPS remain fully secure and encrypted.”

There are a few other minor changes in Firefox 127. The browser can now be set to launch automatically when you start or restart Windows, which speeds up the process of opening the first browser window after you log in. Linux PCs with 32-bit x86 processors will now be identified to websites as 64-bit x86 PCs, in an effort to reduce fingerprinting. You can also now close all duplicate tabs in one click, either from the “List all tabs” widget in the tab bar or by right-clicking any tab.

How to Update Firefox

Firefox will automatically install the update on your computer, phone, or tablet when it’s available. To immediately check for and install any available updates, click the menu icon at the top-right of the browser toolbar and select “About Firefox.”

You can download Firefox from Mozilla’s official website, the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store.

Source: Firefox Release Notes, Mozilla Security

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