Tue. May 21st, 2024

Firefox has a built-in screenshot tool, allowing you to capture areas on your screen or entire web pages in a few clicks. The feature isn’t perfect, though, and now Mozilla is testing an improved version in the latest Firefox Nightly builds.

Mozilla has now enabled the updated Screenshots feature in Firefox Nightly, the experimental branch of the web browser intended for testing features and other changes before they are rolled out to all Firefox users. The original screenshot feature was essentially a browser extension built into Firefox, which made it easy for Mozilla to work on and improve over time, but that meant it had most of the same limitations as other Firefox extensions. For example, it didn’t work on “about:config” and other Firefox settings and options pages, because browser extensions are blocked from those pages for security reasons.

Mozilla says the new screenshot tool has improved performance, better keyboard and visual accessibility, and the ability to capture all pages in Firefox. The keyboard shortcut for opening it remains unchanged (Cmd+Shift+S on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+S on other platforms), and it’s still accessible in the right-click context menu and the optional screenshot button in the browser toolbar.

Google Chrome still doesn’t have a built-in screenshot tool, so there’s no easy way to capture full-page screenshots without third-party browser extensions or opening the browser’s developer tools. Besides Firefox, the feature is available in Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and a few other web browsers. Safari on Mac doesn’t have a screenshot feature outside of the developer options, but there is a secret shortcut for full-page screenshots on iPhone and iPad.

According to the page on Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug tracker, the new screenshot feature is currently scheduled to roll out in Firefox 125. That could be delayed if problems are discovered. Firefox 125 will be released on April 26, 2024, with the beta release arriving on March 18.

Firefox 124 will be released on March 19, a little over a week from now. The beta version of Firefox 124 includes fixes for full screen content on Mac, support for drag-and-drop on Android devices with a mouse connected, pull to refresh enabled by default on Android, and a few other changes.

Source: Firefox Nightly Blog, Bugzilla

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