Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Ford started teasing its first all-electric Explorer in February and finally announced that the Explorer EV was coming for under $50,000, with UK sales beginning in early 2024. Unfortunately, this week we learned that Ford’s electric SUV will be delayed by six months, if not longer, and may not hit the streets until later next summer.

For those unaware, after the initial unveiling in March, we learned that Ford’s best-selling SUV would go electric for the UK market first, then eventually roll out to other regions. However, in a statement to InsideEVs, the launch faces delays due to new European Union EV standards and regulations. Now, the two-row SUV will start production and initial sales near the summer of 2024, and inventory will likely be tight.

Ford said in a statement, “Ford supports the upcoming European standard for electric vehicles (UN Regulation 100.3/ ECE-R 100.3) because it is in line with our internal philosophy of supplying our customers worldwide with high-quality and safe vehicles. This means that the new Explorer will now be delivered to customers from summer 2024.”

The Explorer EV has a stylish and futuristic look, but because it’s a smaller crossover, it doesn’t share too much resemblance with the current gas-powered Explorer available stateside. Interestingly, the Explorer EV doesn’t use the same technology as Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning or Mach-E and instead uses Volkswagen’s MEB platform. The partnership’s goal was to help Ford launch models quicker outside the US, but it’s now facing delays.

During the initial announcement, Ford confirmed it’d support the latest fast-charging standards, work with over 50,000 stations throughout Europe, and charge from 10-80% in under 25 minutes. We’re still awaiting the final specs, like range, horsepower, and torque ratings. On the inside, the all-electric Explorer boasts a massive infotainment touchscreen display, adjustable interior lighting and was set to arrive in a baseline and “Premium” trim for potential buyers to choose from. The starting price is under 45,000 Euros.

The Explorer will still be Ford’s first electric vehicle built at its new Cologne EV facility in Germany, even if things kick off later than expected. However, that also means arrival outside the UK will take even longer.

Source: InsideEVs

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