Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

A common theme with NVMe SSDs is that a good, fast one can be prohibitively priced. After all, many people stop at the PCIe generation to know how fast a drive is, you need to pay attention to several specs, such as the NAND chips and whether or not it has a DRAM chip. Because of this, many people hold Samsung SSDs in high regard — and if you can score a deal on one, it can be a really good addition to your PC. One of Samsung’s best drives to date is currently on sale, so make sure to snag it now.

Samsung’s 980 PRO 1TB SSD is perhaps one of the best SSDs you can get for your gaming PC. It’s not Samsung’s very best one right now — that spot belongs to the 990 PRO, which was just recently released in a 4TB model and has speeds that actually manage to beat some PCIe Gen 5 SSDs despite being a Gen 4 drive. That being said, the 980 PRO came out right around the time PCIe Gen 4 SSDs started becoming popular, and it has actually held up pretty well through time — especially as its price has gone down. The drive is able to deliver read speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s, meaning this is still one of the fastest drives in the market, and it has a 1TB capacity, meaning you have plenty of space to install some of your favorite games and have them load in a lightning fast manner.

Back when it came out in 2020, the 980 PRO drive was available for $229.99. As you might imagine, that price has since dipped down quite a lot, and it can usually be found for prices ranging between $110 and $75. Right now, though, you can snag one for just $59.99. It’s not the lowest price this drive has been at historically, but it’s the lowest price in two months. More importantly, it’s a great price for a drive that’s still among the best you can put on a PC. The only way up from here, at least as far as Samsung goes, is the 990 PRO, which is a tad more expensive — Samsung has yet to release a PCIe Gen 5 drive.

You can buy the Samsung 980 Pro SSD on Amazon now. If you need more storage, and enough room in your PC for a heatsink, the same drive with a 2TB capacity is currently available for $124.17 — its lowest price in several months.

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