Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Anker sells a lot of chargers, and the Anker Prime 240W is a high-end option for charging multiple devices at the fastest possible speed. Now you can get one for $110 from Amazon or Anker’s online store, a savings of $90 from the usual price.

The Anker Prime 240W is a wall charger with three USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A connector, capable of charging up to four devices at once. It has a detachable stand, allowing it to sit vertically on top of a desk or table, or the stand can be removed for easier storage in a bag or sitting horizontally on a flat surface.

Just like most other multi-port USB chargers, the Anker Prime 240W splits the available power across all connected ports, depending on the maximum charging speed of each connected device. The main USB Type-C port maxes out at 140W, which is more than enough charge for a MacBook Air, some MacBook Pro models, Dell XPS 13, Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, or other larger device. The other three ports share a maximum charging speed of 100W. With multiple devices connected, the maximum power output is 240W.

Anker Prime 240W USB C Charger

Anker Prime 240-watt GaN Desktop Charger

The Anker Prime 240W charger is a great option for charging multiple laptops, tablets, or phones at the same time. Click the coupon box on Amazon to get the full discount, or on Anker’s store, enter the coupon code on the page at checkout.

This charger is a great option if you’re travelling with a USB-C laptop, alongside your phone and other electronics: one wall outlet for quickly charging everything is convenient. It can also just be useful at a shared desk or workspace.

The Anker Prime 240 is on sale for $110 at Amazon, but you need to click the Coupon checkbox on the product page to get the full discount. The same sale price is also available on Anker’s own online store, but you have to copy the coupon code on the product page and paste it at checkout. Anker doesn’t want to make this sale easy, for whatever reason.

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