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They’re harder now, but it’s probably worth it.

If you frequently use Google’s suite of productivity web apps, learning and using shortcuts can greatly save you time while using the app, letting you zip through tasks easily. Now, Google is changing the shortcuts around a bit, and while they’re a bit harder to get right now, the reasoning makes sense.

Google has rolled out a set of revamped shortcuts for the web version of Google Drive. Some of the new shortcuts, which are currently being rolled out to users, are actually pretty similar to the shortcuts you already have. The only difference between those old shortcuts with the new shortcuts is that you now need to hold down a modifier key while inputting the actual shortcut (alt in the case of Windows and option in the case of macOS). Other shortcuts are slightly different, but the ongoing theme here is that none of them start with a letter but with a modifier/function key.

All of this is being done with the purpose of enabling first-letter navigation. If you want to highlight an item within Google Drive that starts with a specific letter, or a specific set of letters, you can just type in those letters and the item will be highlighted. The full list of revamped shortcuts goes as follows:

Shortcut description

New Windows/ ChromeOS shortcut

New MacOS shortcut

Navigation and views

Go to navigation panel (folders list)

alt + g then nalt + g then f

option + g then noption + g then f

Go to items view

alt + g then i

option + g then i

Switch between grid and list in items view

alt + v then l

option + v then l

Go to page content

alt + g then c

option + g then c

Go to details pane

alt + g then d

option + g then d

Go to top of application (Google bar)

alt + g then t

option + g then t

Go to download status

alt + g then a

option + g then a

Go to upload status

alt + g then u

option + g then u

Show or hide approvals pane

alt + v then e

option + v then e

Show or hide details pane

alt + v then d

option + v then d

Show or hide activity pane

alt + v then a

option + v then a

Select items

Select or deselect item

shift + space

shift + space

Select next item down

down arrow

down arrow

Select next item up

up arrow

up arrow

Select next item to the left

left arrow

left arrow

Select next item to the right

right arrow

right arrow

Extend selection down

shift + down arrow

shift + down arrow

Extend selection up

shift + up arrow

shift + up arrow

Extend selection left

shift + left arrow

shift + left arrow

Extend selection right

shift + right arrow

shift + right arrow

Select all visible items

ctrl + a

command + a

Clear all selections



Move between items

Move down without changing selection

ctrl + down arrow

command + down arrow

Move up without changing selection

ctrl + up arrow

command + up arrow

Move left without changing selection

ctrl + left arrow

command + left arrow

Move right without changing selection

ctrl + right arrow

command + right arrow

Take action on selected items

Open selected items



Open selected items in new tab

ctrl + enter

command + enter

Rename selected items



Share selected items

ctrl + alt + a

command + option + a

Move selected items to new folder

ctrl + alt + m

command + option + m

Star or unstar selected items

ctrl + alt + s

command + option + s

Create shortcuts to selected items

ctrl + alt + r

command + option + r

Remove selected items

delete or #

delete or #

Copy selected item URLs to the clipboard

ctrl + alt + l

command + option + l

Copy selected item titles to the clipboard

ctrl + shift + c

command + shift + c

Cut selected items to the clipboard

ctrl + x

command + x

Paste items from the clipboard as a shortcut

ctrl + shift + v

command + shift + v

Paste selected items from the clipboard or move selected items from the clipboard

ctrl + shift + v

command + shift + v

Create a shortcut for the selected item

ctrl + alt + r

command + option + r

Redo last undone action

ctrl + y

command + y

Upload file

alt + c then u

control + c then u

Upload folder

alt + c then i

control + c then i

Create new items


alt + c then t

control + c then t


alt + c then p

control + c then p


alt + c then s

control + c then s


alt + c then d

control + c then d


alt + c then f

control + c then f


alt + c then o

control + c then o

Open menus

Create menu

alt + n

control + n

More actions menu

shift + F10alt + a

shift + F10control + a

Current folder actions menu

alt + shift + a

control + shift + a

Sort menu

alt + r

control + r

Settings menu

control + shift + s

command + shift + s

Application actions

Display keyboard shortcuts list

ctrl + /

command + /

Choose next visual density (row height and element spacing for list view)

alt + t then q

control + t then q

Find/find next

ctrl + f

command + f


ctrl + p

command + p

Undo last action

ctrl + z

command + z

Redo last undone action

ctrl + y

command + y

Show last message

alt + g then k

option + g then k

Search your Drive



Preview mode actions

Preview items

ctrl + alt + p

command + option + p







Zoom in

+ or =

+ or =

Zoom out

You can go to Settings > Keyboard shortcuts > Update now if you want to use them now, but Google should automatically make the switch by August 1st for everyone.

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