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Google’s Androidify was a fun app that let you customize a Bugdroid to make it look like yourself, or anyone else, but It had its last update in 2016 and was taken off the Google Play Store in 2020. It was fun to use, but a lot of people probably got bored of it after a while and decided to stop using it, leading Google to eventually abandon it. Now, it’s back with a new name and new customization options.

Google has just launched a new website that lets you “create your own Android Bot.” The company decided to put a little more thought and care into the good ol’ Bugdroid back when Android’s brand identity was last updated last year, and it was made into more 3D-like robot, as opposed to the flat 2D appearance used in older advertisements and the Androidify tool. Google said that the new robot mascot would have a more varied appearance, and that’s what we’re getting with this new avatar creation tool. It’s not Androidify, as we hinted to before, but it’s basically its spirit rebranded into a new web tool. An app would be nice and maybe could be in the works, but frankly, we’re quite okay with just a web app.

Bugdroid Customized
Arol Wright / How-To Geek

All you need to do is head to the web tool, which will let you customize your Android robot to your complete liking. You can change its “material” (skin), put different clothes on it, put some head accessories on it, and maybe even give it stuff to hold, such as a tie, a guitar, or even an Xbox-like controller. The limit really is your imagination.

If Google doesn’t immediately abandon the web app, and there’s a chance they might, we might even see Google add more clothes and combinations that you can put on Bugdroids. The only thing that you can’t really change are its core elements, such as the eyes, antennaes/ears, and overall body build.

If you want to give the new web app a shot, make sure to go to the Android website to try this out. It’s really, really fun.

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