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Following the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch in 2021, Google announced a Pixel Pass subscription service that bundles most of its services and a new phone under one fee. However, it wasn’t all that popular, and with only a few weeks before its Pixel 8 arrives, Google has quietly discontinued the Pixel Pass.

On a newly listed support page, Google confirmed the Pixel Pass is being discontinued effective August 29th, 2023. The company doesn’t say why the service is going away, but Google hints that it wasn’t all that great of an option after evaluating feedback. Google said, “We are focused on offering the best value of our hardware products while giving users the flexibility to purchase their favorite services. Going forward, we will continue to evaluate offers based on customer feedback while providing different ways for them to access the best of Google.”

That comment could suggest something new and different could arrive with the Pixel 8 to replace it, but we’ll have to wait and see. Pixel Pass was one monthly fee that covered the equipment installment payment for a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro smartphone, then also bundled Preferred Care protection, YouTube Premium (which recently went up in price), along with access to Google One and a Google Play pass. Optionally, users could pay a little more to get Google Fi phone service.

As of today, no new customers can sign up for the Pixel Pass, and existing customers won’t notice any changes, at least not yet. Reading over the fine print, Google says that “as an existing subscriber, you can continue with the duration of your existing Pixel Pass subscription, which is 2 years from when your Pixel Pass device shipped. You will not be able to upgrade to a new phone with Pixel Pass at the end of the 2-year term.”

Part of the Pixel Pass also included phone upgrades every two years, but that’s going away too. So, the pass is about to expire for everyone who took advantage of the deal and bought a new Pixel 6 Pro. You won’t be able to upgrade or renew the pass, but services like YouTube Music will continue as usual. According to the support page, once the pass ends, Google will start billing users individually for Google One, YouTube Premium, the Google Play Pass, and anything else, all at a discounted rate. The company will send out emails at the end of September with more details, and you can choose to continue paying or cancel each service individually.

The move isn’t surprising as Google only offered it for the Pixel 6 series, with no option to do the same on the Pixel 7 or recent Pixel Fold. So, for the few who took advantage, keep an eye out for an email regarding your Pixel Pass coming to an end.

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