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Key Takeaways

  • Easily set a default zoom level and font size for all websites in Chrome by accessing the settings and adjusting the options.
  • For specific websites, you can quickly set a default zoom level by using the zoom shortcuts or clicking the minus or plus icons in the dropdown menu.
  • Manage your zoom settings in Chrome’s site settings by accessing the privacy and security options, where you can view and delete custom zoom levels for specific websites.

Chrome’s standard zoom setting is easy to change, allowing you to quickly tell your browser how to shrink or enlarge different websites. You can also set a default font size to help create a more pleasant browsing experience.

How to Set a Default Zoom Level for All Websites in Chrome

Click the three vertical dots in the top right of your Chrome browser. In this drop-down menu, click “Settings.”

Chrome Settings Menu.

Scroll down to the “Appearance” section. Open the “Page Zoom” drop-down menu and select the zoom setting that’s best for you. You can also adjust Chrome’s default font size in the drop-down menu just above Page Zoom. This will apply across all websites you visit in Chrome unless you’ve already set a specific zoom level for that site using the steps below.

Chrome Advanced Setting for Zoom.

How to Set a Default Zoom Level for One Website in Chrome

Click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of Chrome. In this drop-down menu, click the Minus (-) or Plus (+) icons to zoom out or in, respectively.

Chrome Set Zoom for One Website.

You can also use these handy keyboard shortcuts to set a default zoom for a website quickly. Press Ctrl on Windows and Cmd on Mac while performing any of the following:

  • Scroll in or out with your mouse.
  • Press the Minus (-) or Plus (+) key.
  • Press zero to reset the zoom level to 100 percent.

How to Manage Zoom Settings in Chrome

Click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of Chrome and then select “Settings.” Click “Advanced” and then select the “Privacy and Security” option.

Chrome Advanced Privacy and Security.

Scroll down and click “Site Settings.”

Chrome Site Settings Settings.

Now, locate the “Zoom Levels” option under “Content.” In this menu, you can view the custom zoom levels you’ve set for any given website. Click the “X” icon to delete this setting. Currently, Chrome doesn’t allow you to set the zoom levels here.

Chrome Zoom Settings.

Whether you have a hard time reading small text, want to avoid eye strain, or need to fit a wide website into a small screen, these tips should help you achieve a healthier and more efficient browsing experience.

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