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Key Takeaways

  • Close misbehaving Google TV apps quickly by force stopping them: go to Settings, select “Apps,” choose the app, and hit “Force Stop.:
  • This method is faster than restarting the TV and can solve issues such as slow performance or frozen apps.

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch Netflix or streaming services on a Google TV device, but the app isn’t working as it should. If you’re experiencing errors or a Google TV app is misbehaving, you can close it just like you would on a phone.

This is a particularly useful trick if an app is slow, lagging, won’t load, or completely frozen on Google TV. Force closing an app is faster than restarting the TV. The process is a bit different from older devices running Android TV, and here’s how to do it.

First, use the D-pad on your remote, navigate to the round settings icon near the top right of the home screen, and select it.

Google TV settings icon on Sony TV.
Cory Gunther / How-To Geek

In Settings, scroll down and select “Apps,” which will then show your recently opened Google TV apps. (Or, click “See All Apps” to find the one you’d like to close.)

Google TV apps in settings menu.
Cory Gunther / How-To Geek

Once you’ve selected the app, scroll to the right with the remote D-pad, navigate down to “Force Stop,” and hit enter/select on the remote. Confirm you’d like to close the app, and you’re all set.

Google TV all apps list in settings.
Cory Gunther / How-To Geek

The Google TV app has now been closed. Repeat these steps for any recently opened apps.

Google TV force stop to close an app.
Cory Gunther / How-To Geek

If you were trying to fix a problematic app, hit home, then re-open the app. These steps should be the same if you have a Google TV-powered television from Sony, TCL, Hisense, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that force-stopping an app on your Google TV could make you sign in again, or it may take longer to launch the next time it’s in use. Either way, this usually solves whatever problems you may be experiencing with performance or an app that’s acting up. If you’re still dealing with issues, completely restart your Google TV device. Even the best streaming devices can have issues.

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