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Key Takeaways

  • Enable notification snoozing by going to the “Notifications” section in your phone’s settings and toggling on “Allow Notification Snoozing.”
  • To snooze a notification, expand it and tap the clock or bell icon in the bottom corner. Select a time length for the snooze, and the notification will reappear after that time has passed.

At times, it can feel like smartphones exist purely to bother us with notifications. There are important notifications among the noise, though, and you don’t want to forget about them. Android allows you to set reminders for notifications easily.

In the past, you could use third-party apps to create reminders for notifications. Thankfully, it’s an easy-to-use built-in feature nowadays. Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, or any other Android phone, you should be able to find this feature.

Notification Reminders on Android

Before we do anything, we need to make sure the notification snoozing feature is enabled. This is what will allow us to get reminded of a notification at a later time. Swipe down once or twice from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon.

Tap the gear icon.

Go to the “Notifications” section.

Go to

Scroll down and toggle on “Allow Notification Snoozing.”

On some devices, you may need to go to “Advanced Settings” to see the “Show Snooze Button” option.


Now, we can go ahead and use the feature. First, you’ll need to have a notification in order to take action on it. Expand the notification if it’s not already. You can do this by dragging down on the notification or tapping the little arrow on the right side.

Tap the down arrow.

Now, you’ll see a little clock or bell icon in the bottom corner. Tap it.

Tap the bell or clock icon.

The next step will look a little different depending on your device. Google Pixel phones snooze the notification for an hour by default. You can tap the down arrow to select a different time length.

Pixel snooze options.

Samsung Galaxy devices let you choose the time length right away. Tap “Save” when you’re done.

Snooze options on Samsung phone.

That’s it! After the selected time has passed, the notification will appear again. One thing to keep in mind is this option doesn’t appear on every type of notification, but it does on the vast majority. Use this to never miss an important notification again.

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