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Key Takeaways

  • The easiest way to DM a private account on Instagram is to follow the account of the person and then drop the message.
  • Remember that your message will be moved to the Requests tab unless they follow you back
  • Always be respectful to the person you are messaging to.

Want to message a private account on Instagram? Looking at Instagram’s layout, you may think it’s not possible unless you follow them. However, there are some workarounds with which you can message a private account on Instagram. We will discuss that in this guide.

Can You Message a Private Account on Instagram?

Yes, you can message private accounts on Instagram, assuming that the user hasn’t blocked messages from strangers. But since you are planning to message someone who’s keeping their account private on the platform, there are certain things to keep in mind before you move forward. Always ensure to be respectful to the person you are messaging. When you message a private account on Instagram without following them, it usually goes to the Requests page. If they do not accept your message request, avoid being pushy by messaging again and again.

While messaging the person, it’s best to start by introducing yourself and your agenda. Remember that messaging someone without following them first can look shady. Generic or spammy messages are less likely to be well-received. Along with that, never send unsolicited photos, videos, or links without their consent.

Option 1: Follow the Account, Then Message Them

This is the easiest way to get a message to a private account on Instagram if you want to reduce the probability of your message staying on the Requests page unattended. Just open the profile of the person on Instagram and then hit “Follow.” If they follow you, you can message them from the profile or the Messages page easily.

Follow if you want to message an account

Option 2: DM a Private Account (Without Following) in Messages

If you want to message a private account on Instagram without following them, then you can use the Search feature on the Messaging page to DM a private account on Instagram. For that, open Instagram and tap the Messages icon in the top right corner.

tap the messages icon at the top right corner

Now, type the username of the person to message on the search bar. From the results, choose the account. If you are unable to find the person, ensure that you have entered the right username.

search the person you want to message

Once the message screen is opened, type and send your message.

type the message

Option 3: DM a Private Instagram Account From Their Profile

Apart from the Messages page, you can also DM a person directly from their profile without following them. For that, open their profile on Instagram and hit the “three-dot menu icon” at the top right corner.

choose the three dots at the top right corner

Choose “Send message.”

tap Send Messages

Type your message and then tap the Send button.

type the message

That’s it! These are all the ways with which you can message a private account on Instagram. However, if you see the text “You can’t message this account unless they follow you,” you will be required to follow the account and then message.

How to View Message Requests on Instagram

You might have noticed we mentioned that the messages you drop will be moved to the “Requests” tab before the user approves it. So, how do you view these requests?

For that, you need to open Instagram and head over to the Messages page by tapping the speech bubble icon in the top-right corner.

tap the messages icon at the top right corner

Tap “Requests.”

Tap Requests

Here, you will see all the requests you have received. Open any of the requests.

Open the message of your choice

Once you open the message, you can choose between “Block,” “Delete,” and “Accept.”

choose between block delete and accept

How to Block Messages From Unknown People

If you are not interested in receiving any messages from strangers, Instagram provides you the option to block all of them.

Open the app and tap your profile icon at the bottom right corner.

choose profile at the bottom right corner

Next, choose the hamburger menu in the top right corner and select “Settings and Privacy.”

choose hamburger menu and then select settings and privacy

Now, select “Messages and Story Replies.”

choose messages and story replies

Tap “Message controls.”

choose message controls

From here, select “Your Followers on Instagram.”

choose your followers on Instagram

Next, select “Don’t Receive Requests.”

choose don't recieve request

Tap “Update Settings.”

choose update settings

Repeat the same steps under “People on Facebook” and “Others on Instagram.”

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