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Key Takeaways

  • To use screen sharing on WhatsApp for Android, both users must be on the latest app version. Initiate a video call and tap the screen-sharing icon (a phone with an arrow pointing out of it) to start sharing your screen.
  • On iPhone, start a video call, tap the screen-sharing button (a box with a person in the corner), and your contact will be able to see your screen.

Screen sharing is a useful feature to have when you want to guide a friend or family member through a tech support issue, but need to see their screen in action. A WhatsApp feature introduced in 2023 lets you share your screen directly from within the chat app. Here’s how it works.

How to Use Screen Sharing on WhatsApp for Android

Screen sharing on WhatsApp for Android can be activated only during an active video call. To enable screen sharing, you must ensure both users are on the latest version of WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp on your phone and initiate a video call with your contact.

How to enable a video call in WhatsApp on Android

You will notice a screen-sharing icon on the navigation bar along the screen’s bottom edge. Placed second from left, the icon looks like a phone screen with an arrow pointing outwards.

Tap the screen-sharing icon.

Tap the screen sharing button that looks like a phone with an arrow pointing outwards, in the WhatsApp for Android app

You will now be prompted that WhatsApp will begin recording or casting video from your phone. The warning will further inform you that WhatsApp will have access to all information on the screen, including usernames and passwords. Tap the Start Now button to begin sharing your screen.

Hit the start now button to give necessary permissions to the WhatsApp for Android app and begin sharing your screen with your contact over a video call

Swipe up and navigate your phone to display your home screen or any other app over screen sharing. WhatsApp will continue sharing your screen with the other person as long as the call is active. To stop screen-sharing on WhatsApp, head back to the call. Now tap the button that says Stop sharing and your call will return to a standard video call.

Tap the stop sharing button to stop sharing your screen over the video call in WhatsApp for Android

How to Screen Share Using WhatsApp on an iPhone

Screen sharing on WhatsApp using an iPhone follows a very similar process. The feature is only available once you’ve activated a video call with a contact. Once you are on a video call with a contact, tap the screen-sharing button on the bottom bar. The icon looks like a computer monitor with a person in the corner.

Tap the screen sharing button which looks like a computer screen with a person in front of it on the WhatsApp for iPhone app

WhatsApp will warn you that all contents on your screen, including usernames and passwords, will be visible to your contact who can view your screen. To start the broadcast, tap the Start Broadcast button.

Tap the start broadcast button to begin sharing your phone's display over a video call on WhatsApp for iPhone

You can easily swipe up and move around your interface from here or enter other apps. The iPhone will continue broadcasting your display to your contacts over WhatsApp. To end the broadcast, tap the Stop Sharing button within the ongoing call by tapping the WhatsApp icon.

Press the red stop sharing button when in WhatsApp to end screen sharing over the video call

Looking for other ways to share your screen? Here’s how you can share your screen using Discord, or via Google Meet.

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