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From now through November 28th, you can secure a year of Hulu with Ads for just $0.99 a month. This is an incredibly generous offer, and if you’re willing to spend an extra $2 each month, Hulu will throw in a year of Disney+ with Ads.

The Hulu with Ads subscription usually costs $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year. So, those who would normally pay for a monthly subscription will save $83 by the year’s end. If you’re the kind of person who tends to go for the annual memberships, this Black Friday deal saves you a total of $68.

Of course, the discounted “Disney Duo” bundle is super attractive. You get a year of Hulu with Ads and Disney+ with Ads for just $3 a month. The Disney Duo bundle is usually $9.99 a month, so we’re looking at $107 in savings at the end of the year. Even if you’re totally disinterested in Star Wars, Loki, or The Little Mermaid, Disney+ might pay off when family or friends visit for the holidays.

As with other ad-supported streaming plans, Hulu with Ads and Disney+ with Ads do not allow you to download content for offline playback. But that’s the only major downside. Hulu with Ads can stream to two screens simultaneously, and Disney+ with Ads can stream to four screens.

If you’re worried about young kids seeing inappropriate ads on Disney+, you can enable “Junior Mode” in their profile settings. Junior Mode is basically a parental control setting—it prevents a user profile from watching certain shows and movies, but it also disables advertisements for that profile.

New and returning subscribers can take advantage of this deal until November 28th. It looks to be the best Hulu and Disney+ deal of 2023, so if you’re interested in these services and don’t mind ads, I suggest signing up. If you’re ineligible for this offer because you’re already subscribed to Hulu or Disney+, simply ask a family member or roommate to sign up using their email address and credit card.

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Score a year of Hulu with Ads for just $12 total. This promotion ends November 28th. New and returning subscribers only.

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