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Key Takeaways

  • Phone rings offer flexibility and ease while holding your device.
  • They also act as an extra defense against phone snatchers, making it harder to steal your device.
  • When shopping for a phone ring, choose one that is wireless charging compatible (if you use it), has a strong adhesive, and fits your finger comfortably.

Let’s talk about phone ring holders—those circular things that stick to the back of your phone. I used to scoff at them, thinking they were unnecessary junk that ruined a phone’s sleekness, but my dad wouldn’t stop bugging me to put one on my phone. I couldn’t see why, so resisted for ages, but I finally caved in.

Let me tell you, that little decision was a game-changer.

The Benefits of Phone Rings: No More Finger Gymnastics

At first, I didn’t quite understand the hype. The phone ring looked okay, but the practical benefits weren’t immediately clear. Then, after a few days with the ring attached, it clicked. The biggest difference? The grip. It was like a revelation.

Suddenly, my phone felt secure and comfortable, even with one hand. No more awkward finger stretches or trying to balance the phone precariously to reach the top corner of the screen. I didn’t even need to use one-handed mode. It was like having a built-in handle, giving me a sense of control I never knew I was missing.

The back of a phone with a ring attached.
Kabir Jain / How-To Geek

The newfound confidence boost was a pleasant surprise too. No more sweaty palms or the constant worry about dropping my phone. With the ring there, I could text, browse, or watch YouTube while eating. The ring even improved my selfie game, letting me hold the phone at different angles for flawless solo shots or group pics.

Using a mobile phone ring as a kickstand.
Kabir Jain / How-To Geek

Then there’s the whole safety thing. Where I’m from, phone snatching is a real issue. Stories fly around about people on bikes stealing phones from unsuspecting folks. With the ring, it’s like having a built-in defense mechanism. It’s not foolproof, of course, but it definitely makes it harder for would-be thieves to make off with your precious device.

The Downsides of Phone Rings: Some Block Wireless Charging

Now, coming to the downsides. Let’s be honest, these rings aren’t winning any beauty contests, but I’ve learned to see them as a small price to pay for the peace of mind they bring. Also, they can be a bit awkward to hold at first, but you soon get used to it.

Holding a phone by the ring holder.
Kabir Jain / How-To Geek

Here’s the big kicker about phone rings: some can block wireless charging. There are ways to avoid this, though—look for rings that say “wireless charging compatible” on the packaging. These rings are usually designed with a slim, disc-shaped base that doesn’t interfere with the charging pad. Alternatively, some rings have a detachable design, where the actual ring part separates from the base. This lets you easily pop off the ring when you need to wirelessly charge your phone.

To ensure the best possible wireless charging experience, apply the phone ring directly on the naked phone or a very thin case. Thick phone cases can interfere with wireless charging in two ways:

  1. Bulky cases can trap heat generated during wireless charging, which can slow down the charging process or even damage your phone’s battery.
  2. The extra thickness of a bulky case can create a gap between your phone and the charging pad, making it difficult for the charging pad to transmit energy to your phone efficiently.

How to Choose the Perfect Phone Ring

If you are now on the lookout for a phone ring, here’s a breakdown to pick the perfect one for you:

  • Material: This is a big one, especially if you use wireless charging. Metal rings look cool, but they’re a no-go for wireless charging because they block electromagnetic signals. Stick with plastic, silicone, or ceramic rings for wireless charging compatibility.
  • Adhesive: You don’t want your ring to detach suddenly (and your phone to take a tumble!), so strong adhesive is key. Look for brands that mention 3M VHB tape in their product descriptions.
  • Comfort: The ring should feel good in your hand. You’ll be using it a lot, so make sure it fits comfortably between your fingers. Some rings are designed to be flat when folded, while others have a curved shape that might be more comfortable for gripping.
  • Style: While aesthetics might not be the main reason you’re getting a ring, there are plenty of stylish options out there! You can find rings in all sorts of colors and designs, or even ones that match your phone case.

I used to be a phone ring skeptic, but now I’m a convert. If you’re still on the fence about a phone ring, I say give it a shot. You might be surprised at just how much you end up loving it.

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