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Logitech sells a lot of keyboards and mice, with options for everything from gaming PCs to productivity workstations. That list is now getting bigger, with the introduction of the Signature Slim Keyboard and Combo.

Logitech just released the Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard, as well as the Signature Slim Combo, which adds a wireless mouse to the package. It’s targeted at people looking for quality wireless accessories that work across multiple devices, complete with the same easy device switching available on Logitech’s other keyboards and mice.

The Signature Slim Keyboard K950 has a full-size layout, with a standard number pad and extra function keys. It looks similar to the Logitech MX Keys S that was released last year, but without the circular indents in the keys. There’s also the same multi-device support as some of Logitech’s other keyboards: you can save up to three connections and switch between them with the numbered keys above the Home and Page Up keys.

A black wireless keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard and mouse each support Bluetooth Low-Energy connections and the Logi Bolt USB receiver. The Bolt adapter is included in the box with the Combo package, so you could pair both accessories to that and have one simple shared USB connection. You could also just use Bluetooth, but that means changing the connection on both the keyboard and mouse every time you switch between devices.

The mouse included in the Combo package is the Signature Plus Mouse M750, and it’s not sold separately. It’s a standard wireless mouse, with a button for switching between different DPI levels and a locking mouse wheel. It can connect to the same Bolt adapter as the keyboard or use an independent Bluetooth connection.

Logitech said in a blog post, “The Signature Slim K950 wireless keyboard complements Logitech’s Signature mouse and matches the aesthetics of your home. It offers more features than typical entry-level keyboards and software customization with our Logi Options+ app to optimize daily tasks and desk time. Transition easily between work and leisure time with customizable shortcuts or Smart Actions to start or end your day in one touch.”

You can buy the Signature Slim Combo MK955 for $100 from Logitech’s online store, and it should show up at other retailers soon. The Signature Slim Keyboard K950 on its own costs $80 from Logitech.

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