Sat. May 18th, 2024

There are many sign-up bonuses for both carriers and prepaid MVNOs, like phones and extra lines paid with bill credits. However, that usually only works to bring in new customers, instead of rewarding long-term subscribers. Metro by T-Mobile aims to fix that with a new prepaid Metro Flex plan, with rewards that continue as long as you stay subscribed.

Metro by T-Mobile has unveiled a new program called Metro Flex, which the carrier says is aimed at addressing the longstanding issue of unequal treatment between new and existing prepaid customers. The new plans offer free 5G phones to new customers and the same phone deals to existing customers upon upgrading, making it one of the only prepaid providers to offer such benefits. However, with the plans starting at $50 per month with AutoPay, it’s also one of the most expensive prepaid options.

With Metro Flex, customers can choose a phone and upgrade every one, two, or three years, with expanding options the longer they stay. Plans start at $50/month with AutoPay, offering unlimited talk and text, unlimited 5G data, and additional perks. It’s a decent enough price, and you can upgrade whenever you want to get a new phone without having to get a new line in the process. Metro Flex Plus includes unlimited texts to over 210 countries and destinations, as well as Amazon Prime membership. Other benefits include Scam Shield, Google One 100GB storage, and T-Mobile Tuesdays deals.

In addition, Metro is launching the T-Mobile REVVL 7 5G and REVVL 7 PRO 5G smartphones exclusively on May 23rd. These phones come with a lifetime limited warranty, no activation fees, and a free charger. They’re no Samsung Galaxy S24 or iPhone, but they’re no-nonsense, T-Mobile-branded devices that will do the job if you don’t happen to need the most powerful phone currently on the market.

The Metro Flex plans are rolling out starting on May 16th, so if you’re interested, you don’t have to wait long to sign up. There are also new options from other pre-paid carriers that might be worth checking out, like Cricket’s new $15 5G plan and lower prices on Xfinity Mobile’s unlimited service.

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