Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Not too long ago, we learned the sad news that Microsoft was discontinuing its more affordable PC accessories, in favor of higher-margin more premium Surface-brand products. That included Microsoft’s non-Surface ergonomic keyboards, which were popular for years. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have options, though. Logitech has now revealed its very own ergonomic keyboard: the Wave Keys.

Logitech has just launched the Wave Keys keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard that Logitech says is designed for unparalleled comfort at your desk. This keyboard features a signature wave design that places hands, wrists, and forearms in a natural typing position, promoting comfort without the need to relearn typing techniques. The keyboard comes with an integrated cushioned palm rest for day-long palm support and is available in three colorways. You can use also use the Logi Options+ desktop application to configure key mapping and shortcuts, though many of the same options might be available normally through your desktop operating system.

Logitech is boasting the keyboard’s approval from US Ergonomics, a health and safety organization that promotes better posture and health in work and productivity environments. The company also really wants you to know that the keyboard is also environmentally conscious, being certified carbon neutral and incorporating certified post-consumer recycled plastic (61% for Graphite and 46% for Off-White). The packaging is sourced from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources.

The keyboard’s biggest quality, however, is its uncanny similarity to the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard we’ve come to know and love for years. Of course, it applies the same basic ergonomic principles, so it makes sense that the two keyboards are so similar. If you miss that ergonomic keyboard in your life (they’re fairly durable, so you might even still have your old one), perhaps this new keyboard is a nice modern option for you.

The keyboard is available for purchase on Logitech’s official website and global retailers, priced at $59.99, so make sure to get yours now. The keyboard can be bought in Graphite, Off-White, and Rose variants — the Off-White variant is available in select markets, while the Rose variant will be available in Spring 2024 in select markets.

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