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Everyone has experienced them. The dreaded dirty floors. Whether it’s the visible mess of lingering pet hair or dust bunnies hidden in the corner, almost all can agree that their floors could be cleaner. But who has the time? With other daily commitments, it’s easy for floor cleaning to fall by the wayside. On the first day of IFA, Midea, one of the world’s leading and largest home appliances producers, globally unveiled Midea V12, a revolutionary robotic vacuum cleaner designed to alleviate the burdens of everyday cleaning. Beyond mere convenience, this exceptional device introduces cutting-edge technologies that guarantee an unparalleled cleaning experience. With its self-emptying, self-washing, and self-drying systems, and advanced 3D obstacle detection technology, the Midea V12 is poised to redefine household cleaning as we know it.

Unparalleled Cleaning Power at the Core

The heart of the Midea V12 lies in its incredible cleaning capabilities. Stacked with an impressive 5000Pa suction strength, this robotic vacuum leaves no dust particles untouched, ensuring floors are left spotless. Dual spinning mops, operating at a remarkable 200 RPM, deliver a thorough scrubbing action that reinvigorates surfaces and imparts a sparkling appearance. Enhanced dirt absorption is facilitated by the specialized chenille double-disk ultra-thick mopping cloth, making cleanliness not just a promise, but a reality.

Elevated, Effortless Cleaning

The Midea V12 revolutionizes convenience with its self-emptying and self-washing technology. Once the V12 has completed a cleaning cycle it steers itself back to its docking station. Here, a meticulous cleaning process awaits the mops. The docking station’s base efficiently eliminates debris, sanitizing the mops and preparing them for their next task. This touch-free, hygienic approach doesn’t just leave your home clean but also minimizes the presence of potential allergens and germs. A spacious 3L dustbag within the V12’s docking station has the capacity to hold dust for up to 60 days, catering perfectly to active households.

Fresh and Sanitary Mopping, Always

Midea V12 goes the extra mile by ensuring the freshness of your mops. After the cleaning process, 131 °F air is employed to dry the mops thoroughly. This elevated drying process actively thwarts mold growth and the undesirable odors associated with it. As a result, your cleaning tools remain sanitary and consistently ready for action, no matter the task at hand.

Negotiating obstacles can be a challenge for any robotic vacuum, but the Midea V12 tackles this with finesse through its 3D Obstacle Detection Technology. Empowered by precise LiDAR technology, this system allows the robot to navigate around 55 different types of obstacles. Swiftly mapping its surroundings, the V12 ensures thorough cleaning while minimizing the risk of collisions.

Midea V12: A New Era Awaits

The Midea V12 marks a groundbreaking evolution in the realm of robotic cleaning devices. With its advanced self-cleaning features, cutting-edge 3D obstacle detection, and exceptional cleaning prowess, it sets a new standard for convenience and efficiency in home cleaning. The launch of the V12 is expected in Europe this November, retailing at approximately €799. As this remarkable cleaning companion makes its debut, prepare to welcome a new era of effortless, intelligent home cleaning into your life.

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