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Foldable phones are cool, but they can cost a fortune. Now, Motorola is flipping the script: the 2023 Moto Razr costs just $700. It launches in the United States and Canada on October 19th and will be the most “affordable” current-generation foldable on the market. Additionally, Motorola will offer a special $100 discount if you pre-order the Razr after October 12th.

The 2023 Moto Razr debuted earlier this year, but its North American launch was delayed by several months. Instead, customers in the United States and Canada were stuck with the Moto Razr+, an upgraded model that costs $1,000 (the same price as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4). While some customers are frustrated by the 2023 Moto Razr’s delayed arrival, it’s hard to complain. This device undercuts Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 by $300 and could set more realistic expectations for foldable pricing.

As for the Moto Razr’s capabilities—well, let’s set the stage first. Motorola’s press release says that the Moto Razr will appeal to young people, specifically those who want to “disconnect and break away from the distractions of their phone.” This device makes several concessions to reach its $700 price tag, and each concession is justified by how it may benefit a younger demographic.

The biggest concession is a tiny 1.5-inch cover display (down from 3.6 inches in the Razr+). A 1.5-inch screen is big enough for notifications, but you need to open the Moto Razr to use any real apps. It’s a minor inconvenience that could, in theory, reduce distractions. Moto Razr also includes a tool called “Unplugged” that helps users manage screen time.

Additionally, the Moto Razr runs a mid-range Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset in place of the Razr+’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. And while the camera array is basically identical in both models (main, ultrawide, selfie), the standard Moto Razr uses different sensors in its main and ultrawide cameras, which could lead to a reduction in photo quality (though we can’t make any definitive claims without a hands-on test).

But the Moto Razr isn’t a slouch, and it’s extremely similar to the $1,000 Razr+. Both devices use a 6.9-inch AMOLED 144Hz foldable display and offer IP52 dust resistance. They both have a 30-watt wired charging speed, and they charge wirelessly at 5 watts. Customers may also appreciate the Moto Razr’s unique color options and textured finishes, including vegan leather.

The 2023 Moto Razr launches on October 19th for $700. Pre-orders open on October 12th with a special $100 promotional discount. Most major cellular carriers will sell the Moto Razr, though you can also buy it unlocked through Amazon, Best Buy, or the Motorola website.

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