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  • Mozilla is now offering a new service called Mozilla Monitor Plus that scans for and automatically removes your leaked personal data from data broker sites.
  • The service can remove personal information from over 190 data broker sites, which is more than its competitors.
  • While the first scan is free, a paid subscription is required for recurring monitoring, costing $13.99 per month or $108.99 per year.

Mozilla has branched out into more security and privacy services over the past few years, and now the company’s latest offering is Mozilla Monitor Plus. It’s a service that will scan for your leaked personal data across the web and, if possible, automatically delete it.

Mozilla Monitor, previously branded as Firefox Monitor, already allows you to sign up for notifications if your personal data has been found in a public data breach (using data from Have I Been Pwned). The company is now building on that with Mozilla Monitor Plus, which performs automatic data removal requests on your behalf. Mozilla says it can remove personal information from “more than 190+ data broker sites, twice the number of other competitors.”

Mozilla will allow you to scan for your personal data once for free, but a paid subscription is required to perform automatic scans across all known data broker repositories each month. Monitor Plus costs $13.99/mo, or $108.99 per year ($8.99/mo) for the annual plan.

Mozilla said in its announcement, “More than 10 million people have signed up with Mozilla Monitor so they can be notified when their personal data has been involved in a data breach. Today, we are rolling out a new feature with a free one-time scan, where people can take the next step to see where their personal information has been exposed on sites selling it for profit. This could include information like your name, current and previous home addresses, and phone numbers. It could also go another your name, current and previous home addresses, and phone numbers. It could also go another layer deeper with information like family member names, criminal history, your kids’ school district, and even your hobbies.

There are already many services that promise to delete your information from data brokers, such as DeleteMe, Incogni, and Privacy Bee. There’s definitely value in being notified when your personal data has appeared in a public repository, but no service can fully keep you safe if your information is exposed—leaked data is often backed up and later combined with data from other breaches, such as in the recent “mother of all breaches” package.

Mozilla Monitor Plus is currently only available in the United States. The first scan is free, but recurring monitoring requires the subscription.

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