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Wi-Fi 7 is still a new technology, and most of the routers built for it are still expensive. Netgear just revealed a new lineup of mesh and standalone Wi-Fi 7 routers, and they’re slightly cheaper than some of the other competing options.

Netgear has launched its most affordable Wi-Fi 7 products to date, the Orbi 770 Mesh System and the Nighthawk RS300 Standalone Router. Both routers promise to deliver exceptional speed, coverage, and security for homes. The Orbi 770 Mesh System is designed for larger homes, offering coverage of up to 8,000 square feet with speeds up to 11Gbps for 100 devices. It combines 5Hz and 6GHz bands for improved connection speeds and features a 2.5 Gig internet port for future-proofing. Its internal antennas provide 360-degree coverage, and the preamble puncturing technology makes sure that your connection is stable at all times.

Nighthawk RS300 Gaming

The Nighthawk RS300 Standalone Router, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly option for smaller homes, delivering speeds up to 9.3Gbps across 2,500 square feet for 100 devices. It features omni-directional antennas for improved coverage and includes a 2.5 Gig internet port and additional LAN ports for wired connections. Both products prioritize security, according to Netgear, and feature things such as advanced encryption, threat detection, automatic firmware updates, VPN support, WPA3 security, and access control options. Additionally, you also get a 30-day trial of Netgear Armor for enhanced protection, which is basically a paid additional layer of protection for connected devices, with services provided by none other than Bitdefender.

It’s worth noting that most devices don’t support connecting to Wi-Fi 7 networks yet. Microsoft is still testing official Wi-Fi 7 support in Windows 11, but you also need the right hardware in your PC. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra supports Wi-Fi 7, but not the S24 and S24+, and Apple doesn’t currently sell any devices with Wi-Fi 7.

Netgear is leaning a lot on the “affordable” angle for this particular announcement, with the Nighthawk RS300 setting you back $329.99 and the Orbi 770 series costing $699.99 for a router + one satellite and $999.99 for two satellites (as well as $399.99 for each extra satellite). Most Wi-Fi 7 routers are currently over $300 and some of them might even surpass the $500 mark, so these are technically sitting among the cheaper options, but it might be a while before we see truly “affordable” routers.

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