Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Roku sells some of the best streaming devices around (and now TVs too), but the budget devices ship with a simplified remote without features like a built-in headphone jack. That’s now changing, as Roku is introducing an Amazon-exclusive bundle with the Roku Express 4K and Voice Remote Pro, giving you the company’s cheapest 4K streaming box with its best and most feature-packed remote.

Roku has announced the Roku Express 4K with Voice Remote Pro, its newest bundle that brings the excellent Roku Express 4K, which will allow for 4K streaming with a very easily pocketable device, and pairs it with the Voice Remote Pro out of the box. The Voice Remote Pro, in case you’re not familiar with it, has an almost identical layout to the regular remote that already comes with your Roku. However, it has a few additional features that make it more useful.

Roku Express 4K 2-1

It has, as you might imagine, voice controls that will let you use the controller hands-free, and it has a headphone jack which can be used with wired earbuds for private listening. You also get features such as remote finder, which will track your remote by playing a sound, and two programmable buttons that can be mapped to whatever you want. They are legitimately useful additions that can really enhance your experience, and it’s a bit baffling that they’re not included with most Roku players in the first place. It does come with the high-end Roku Ultra, but that’s $100, and anything below that comes with a regular remote. The Roku Voice Remote Pro is a $30 value on its own, so you might as well buy this bundle if you don’t already have a Roku.

The Roku Express 4K with Voice Remote Pro will be sold for $49.99, just $10 more than the standard Roku Express 4K, which is $39.99. You can buy it from Amazon today, with shipping starting on October 4th, though the current price there is $58.73 — presumably, Roku will fix that at some point. The bundle will remain an Amazon exclusive, so you won’t see it at other stores that sell Roku products, like Walmart.

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