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If you have a gaming PC, you probably bought, or at least considered doing so, some of your parts through Newegg. The retailer provides an amazing catalog of PC parts and other PC related stuff, including whole computers — both desktops and laptops. Still, for some cases, it might be hard to decide between two parts, or two computers. Newegg has a solution for that problem, and it involves 2023’s top buzzword: AI.

Many services have resorted to generative AI in an attempt to improve their functionality and make them easier to use. We haven’t really seen what it could do for a retailer, however, which is why Newegg’s new AI features are particularly interesting. The gist of it is that it will take a bunch of reviews, read them, and then come up with a list of pros and cons about the product, completely based on user feedback. At the bottom, you’ll get a summary no more than four lines long, detailing what’s good and what’s not good about the product. For this purpose, Newegg is using everyone’s favorite generative AI chatbot — ChatGPT.

Newegg AI Review
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Many AI features aren’t actually that useful, but this one sounds like it has potential to be very useful for people shopping PC parts. Reading through reviews thoroughly can be time-consuming, and you might come across a negative issue or two that are due to a one-off defect. Assuming the AI works well, it should give you an unbiased view of what’s good and what’s wrong with something, based on the opinions of real people.

I read a few of the AI-generated blurbs for some products, and while they occasionally read awkwardly (which is occasionally expected of AI in general), I found most of them to be pretty truthful and about the same conclusion I would reach after reading through a few reviews. Some exaggerate the negatives and take individual experiences into account too much — for one, the AI review for one MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk motherboard mentions “dead on arrival” as a common con (because of a single one-star review about a defective unit) despite it being a bestseller and having stellar reviews praising its reliability. It will still need some polishing, and if I were you, I’d still read through reviews just in case for now.

If you’d like to try it out, just go into any Newegg listing and click on the “Reviews” tab — the AI-generated summary will show up at the very beginning.

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