Sat. May 18th, 2024

Available today, the NZXT Function 2 keyboard and Lift 2 mouse are undeniably geared towards gamers. If you’re familiar with the original Function keyboard and Lift mouse, you’ll be surprised by the monumental upgrades that are included in these second-generation models.

The new Function 2 keyboard looks pretty solid. It uses NZXT’s Switch Optical Switches for a linear feel and adjustable actuation (1.0 mm or 1.5 mm), the keycaps are made of a long-lasting double-shot PBT material, and the 8,000 Hz polling rate provides a minimum latency of 0.125 milliseconds. The switches are hot-swappable, of course, and NZXT hopes to dampen any unwanted “pinging” noises through dual-layer foam insulation and a tape-modded PCB.

Per-key RGB is also included for those who need some flashy visuals at their desk, and customers can purchase the Function 2 in full-sized or MiniTKL configurations. Note that this is a wired keyboard with a detachable USB-C cable.

We reviewed the original NZXT Function keyboard back in 2022. At that time, our biggest complaints were the relatively high price and the “clunky” stock switches. This is a pretty substantial upgrade that may address our gripes. The Function 2 is $10 cheaper than its predecessor, its polling rate is actually fit for gaming, the cheap ABS plastic keycaps are gone, and NZXT’s Swift Optical Switches may provide a better experience than the old Gateron Red switches.

As for the Lift 2 mouse—well, it’s basically a brand new mouse. The old and slow mechanical sensor has been replaced by an optical system, the paltry 1,000 Hz polling rate now clocks in at 8,000 Hz, and the sensitivity has been upgraded from 16,000 DPI to 26,000 DPI. This new mouse has also shaved off 13% of its weight, clocking in at 58 grams, and it’s fully compatible with NVIDIA Reflex.

And, like the Function 2 keyboard, the Lift 2 mouse costs $10 less than its forebear. NZXT will offer the Lift 2 in both symmetrical and ergonomic form factors, which are functionally identical (though the ergonomic model weighs 60 grams). Note that the Lift 2 is a wired mouse with a non-detachable USB-A cable. The cable is lined with a paracord material, so at least it looks nice.

You can purchase the full-sized Function 2 keyboard today for $140, though the MiniTKL version is just $130. The symmetrical and ergonomic configurations of the Lift 2 mouse are both $50.

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