Tue. May 21st, 2024

Logitech is launching a computer mouse with a dedicated AI button, plus a new ChatGPT-prompting software for Windows and macOS. It puts AI at your fingertips, or in the palm of your hand, or something along those lines.

The aptly-named Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse features a dedicated “AI prompt button” that, when pressed, automatically opens Logitech’s new AI Prompt Builder software. While I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, the AI Prompt Builder looks a lot more polished than other chatbot-interaction apps. It’s like a cross between Windows Copilot and the macOS Finder—press the AI Prompt Button on your mouse, and a compact ChatGPT interface appears at the center of your screen.

Logitech’s AI Prompt Builder provides a collection of preset “recipes” for quickly summarizing documents, rewriting paragraphs, or composing emails. However, you can also build custom AI recipes based on natural language instructions, such as “turn the following into a short story” or “rewrite this in the dialect of a mythical elf.”

Using the Logi AI Prompt Builder to summarize a snippet of text.

Stylistically, the Signature AI Edition Mouse looks like a premium version of the Logitech’s Marathonmouse. Both have a “sculpted” design, rubberized grip, forward and back thumb buttons, and a top button. But the AI Mouse is actually a revised version of the Signature Plus M750, a China-exclusive mouse. Logitech simply changed the top button from a DPI switch to an AI shortcut.

I’m surprised that Logitech went with this subdued design instead of an MX Master-like build. But hey, it’s no big deal. You can add the AI Prompt Builder shortcut to any of Logitech’s keyboards or mice, so long as they’re compatible with Logi Options+.

Yes, you can disable the Signature AI Edition mouse’s AI button (or program it to fulfill a different task) in Logi Options+. Some people might say, “just buy a different mouse,” but I’ll bet that Logitech has a slew of upcoming products with dedicated AI shortcut keys. Every new Windows computer has a dedicated Copilot key, so this seems like a pretty safe prediction.

There’s just one thing that may prevent Logitech from going all-in on AI—apps like Prompt Builder require ChatGPT API credits, which cost money. I assume that users need to pay for these credits out of pocket, but assumptions aren’t always correct, so I’ve asked Logitech about the situation and will update this article when I receive a response.

Anyway, the AI Prompt Builder software experience is now available on Windows and macOS through the Logi Options+ app. You can buy the Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse later this month for $50.

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