Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Peacock is increasing the prices of its Premium and Premium Plus plans by $2 a month. New pricing will go into effect on July 18th for new subscribers and August 17th for existing customers. Interestingly, these dates line up with last year’s Peacock price hike.

After this change is implemented, customers will pay $8 a month for Peacock Premium. Those who want an ad-free experience will find themselves paying $14 a month for Peacock Premium Plus. Annual pricing will increase by $20, bringing the Premium and Premium Plus annual plans to $80 and $140, respectively.

The price increase falls just a week before the 2024 Summer Olympics, which begins July 26th. Though I should note that the Olympics will air on NBC and Telemundo, which are both broadcast channels—you can watch these channels for free with a TV antenna, and you’ll only miss out on a few events by doing so. (Thankfully, the Olympics are scheduled to end August 11th. That’s a full week before existing Peacock subscribers will experience the price hike.)

For reference, this is the second Peacock price increase in two years. And, for some odd reason, Comcast has scheduled the 2024 price hike on the anniversary of its 2023 price hike. No joke, the 2023 Peacock price increase occurred on July 18th for new subscribers and August 17th for existing customers. It’s an unpopular move, but at least it’s consistent.

Should we expect another price hike in 2025? I’m not sure. If so, I guess it’ll happen in the months of July and August. In any case, I’d like to point out that Peacock has consistently amassed 10 million U.S. subscribers every year since its launch in 2021. And during its Q1 2024 earnings call, Comcast reported $1.1 billion in revenue from Peacock—a 54% increase over the previous year.

New customers will experience the Peacock price hike on July 18th, just in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Existing customers won’t face this change until August 17th. Now’s a good time to check your internet, cellular, or cable plan for any rewards or perks, as you may be able to secure a free Peacock subscription. And, to reiterate, you can watch the Olympics for free with a TV antenna.

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