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Plex is a popular way to self-host your own media collection and stream it across all your devices, and the paid Plex Pass unlocks you more features. Plex Pass is typically a monthly or yearly subscription, but you can also get a “lifetime” pass, which is currently available for 20% off the typical price.

Plex has announced a temporary price reduction on the lifetime Plex Pass. The lifetime pass is normally priced at $119.99, but right now, you can grab it for $95.99, a 20% discount. While a monthly subscription is available for $4.99, the lifetime pass offers a more cost-effective solution for long-term users.

Plex Pass gives you access to the Plex Dash application, lyrics when playing music, skipping intros in TV episodes in your personal library, more music features like Loudness Leveling, hardware-accelerated streaming and transcoding, and DVR recording if you set up Plex live TV. Video playback speed control was also just released as a Plex Pass-exclusive feature. Plex Pass removes the need for in-app purchases in the mobile apps for streaming from a personal server. There’s a full support article with all the benefits.

This limited-time deal effectively brings the price of a lifetime pass down to the equivalent of 19 months of service, making it an attractive option for those who plan to use Plex for an extended period. $95.99 is a lot more than the monthly $4.99 the service usually commands, but this is a one-time payment, you won’t be bothered again, and you’ll enjoy unrestricted Plex the rest of your life. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us.

This is not the first time Plex has discounted the lifetime Pass plan, and it’s not even the biggest discount we’ve seen on it yet. Back in December, the lifetime Plex Pass was offered for 25% off, at $89.99. Plex tends to offer these kinds of discounts during big holidays and special occasions, and it’s been a few months since the last time such an offer was given out, so it’s probably the perfect time.

You can buy Plex Pass on sale from Plex’s website. The promo code to claim the deal is GETGEEKY, but the promotion will only last through May 25, 2024, so you don’t have long to grab it.

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