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Score a Proton subscription for an exceptionally low price.

Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but Proton is running a huge sale on its suite of privacy-focused services. Now’s your chance to replace Gmail with Proton Mail, hide your identity with Proton VPN, save your data in the deeply encrypted Proton Drive, or automate your passwords with Proton Pass. These deals are available to new customers and some returning subscribers. Current Proton members will find special Black Friday offers on their account page.

Proton protects its users with full end-to-end and zero-access encryption. No one can access your Proton data—not even Proton itself. This privacy-first philosophy helps Proton stand out from the competition, and more importantly, it drives innovation in Proton’s product. For example, the company’s email client automatically blocks tracking links and spy pixels, and it can generate proxy email address to hide your real email from advertisers or bad actors.

Here are all of the discounts available in Proton’s Black Friday sale:

Most of these discounts are for 12-month memberships—pay once, get a year of service. If you’re only interested in a single service, such as Proton Mail or Proton Pass, grab the discounted 12-month membership and call it a day. But I strongly suggest checking out the Unlimited plan, which gives you access to all of Proton’s services. The Family plan gives you all the perks of an Unlimited membership, but it can be shared with up to six people. Fair warning—Proton Pass is still a new service and lacks some important features.

Proton’s Black Friday sale will end on December 4th. If you are currently a Proton subscriber, open your account page and click the “Special Offers” button for Black Friday discounts. The deals listed in this article are available to new customers and returning subscribers who canceled their previous subscription before October 1st. Customers with an Essentials, Business, or Visionary plan are ineligible for Black Friday discounts.

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