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Proton VPN is preparing to bring its “Stealth” protocol to Windows. This is in addition to new IPv6 support, Apple TV connectivity, split-tunneling on macOS, and more. These new capabilities will roll out through the summer and fall of 2024.

The first few months of 2024 saw a great expansion of Proton VPN’s service. The provider added 700 new servers to its network, increasing its global reach to cover 14 more countries. Many of these countries, including Turkey and Senegal, experience some form of online censorship. Proton also promised to provide free VPN service in the lead-up to some countries’ elections, as VPN access may help to subvert regime-led censorship campaigns.

Now that Proton VPN has broadened its horizons, it’s ready to focus on core features and improvements. The Proton team took to Mastodon to announce some of these upcoming improvements, including “Stealth” protocol support for Windows.

The Stealth protocol is designed to circumvent VPN blocks that may be implemented by individual websites, universities, or governments. It disguises your OpenVPN connection as a simple HTTPS connection, and it activates your VPN in a way that avoids common detection filters. Proton VPN users on macOS, Android, and iOS can already enjoy Stealth connectivity, and Windows users will join the fold this summer.

Support for IPv6 is also coming to Proton VPN. Full support of the IPv6 and IPv4 protocols ensures more reliable connectivity across the web. Like many other VPN services, Proton VPN currently blocks IPv6 connectivity to prevent data leaks.

Proton VPN will also gain Apple TV support in the summer of 2024. This may be accomplished with a proper Apple TV app or old-fashioned smart DNS routing—the latter option is more common on Apple TV. And, finally, split tunneling support will come to the macOS and Android TV versions of Proton VPN. We only need to wait a few months for split tunneling on Android TV, though the Proton team notes that macOS support won’t arrive until sometime later.

Linux users get some love, too. Proton VPN will roll out Wireguard support for Linux in an upcoming beta. This feature will arrive in a stable release at an unspecified date.

You can read the full list of upcoming Proton VPN features in Proton’s latest Mastodon thread. Note that some of these features may require a paid subscription. Proton VPN starts at just $4.99 a month when you buy 24 months upfront, though it costs $9.99 if you choose monthly billing.

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