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Controllers that can be mounted to your phone are nothing new, and Razer’s Kishi gamepads have been a popular option for mobile games, cloud gaming, and playing emulators. Now, Razer has launched its most premium product in this range, the Kishi Ultra.

Razer just released the Kishi Ultra, a USB-C gaming controller compatible with Android, iPhone 15 series, and iPad Mini. It aims to enhance mobile gaming by providing console-grade control and immersive haptics. This controller is more “console-like” than anything Razer has previously released for smartphones. While the previous iterations of the Razer Kishi were modeled after something like a Nintendo Switch or a handheld console, this looks and feels a bit more like an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Razer Kishi Ultra 1-1

The controller, Razer says, combines the power of a full-fledged pro console controller with the portability required for mobile gaming. The Kishi Ultra boasts features such as exclusive Mecha-tactile buttons, console-sized triggers, pro-grade thumb sticks, and programmable buttons for customized control setups. It also has actual longer grip holders, like a regular controller does. It’s basically what you would get if you split in half something like a Razer Wolverine controller and put a phone in between.

It offers expanded compatibility beyond mobile devices, including PC and iPad Mini. A big thing about the Kishi was that while it was technically a regular USB controller, you couldn’t actually use it unless the device in question had a female USB-C port. Now, though, you can actually plug it in on your PC and use it like a regular controller if you’re not using it on your smartphone. Another hold-up in previous iterations was that it was hard to put it on if you had a case, but the Razer Kishi Ultra should work with most popular phone cases.

Other improvements include Razer Sensa HD Haptics, providing a multi-sensory gaming experience surpassing traditional console controller vibrations. Supported by the Interhaptics SDK, developers can create bespoke haptic experiences. You even have Chroma RGB lighting, if you’re the kind to care about RGB.

The Razer Kishi Ultra costs $149.99, so it’s a bit on the expensive side, but it’s also probably one of the best mobile controllers at this point. It’s now available for purchase at Razer’s website.

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